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Why are things so slow here at the T-House?
Been that way for me on 3 different puters. Seems to have been this way for a while.
Ipowerweb sent me an email awhile back stating that there were making some massive changes to the server and it was gonna be friggin up now and again. I'm supposed to get another email when they change me over.

If it gets bad I'm gonna have to make that move again.
Defered gratification. Sure is slow today tho.
My game plan seems to be to post, then go and do something else and come back
Slow. Cantonese is incredibly difficult. However, I have learned to say tree climbing, rope, lanyard, handsaw, "stand clear!", etc. My goal is to be able to order dim sum in a restaurant, but I'm ways off from that still.
You probably should force yourself to take a dedicated class. How long do you plan on staying there?

And also, is there stills Ricky's or Pinky's tattoo parlor there?
Yeah I've been thinking about the classes. They aren't cheap and they are very time consuming. I've also been advised by several people that if I am going to take classes I would be better off in the long run learning Mandarin instead of Cantonese.

My contract goes through April 1. If things go well I will renew. If not, then I'll be making a new plan.

I don't know about the tattoo parlors. I'll ask around. Do you remember where they were?
Its moving fairly well for me tonight. It has been much slower in days past, but still not near as fast as any other site I visit.

Hopefully the server renovating you've mentioned will fix the problem once and for all.
It's a series of tubes, you know. :P

Oh, and whatever the folks were doing on your server, Butch, I think they are done for the evening. Speeds are back to normal again (for now).
Ill give it a go Brian, but I dont know if it'll make any difference that Im on a laptop via wifi
I guess I cant help at the moment, the site says I need flash player 7....
I already have it installed but the site doesnt recognize that I do.
This site has been slow for about a week.If I'm on one of the other V-Bulliton sites it often takes forever to switch for some reason or another.:?