Side trip to the coast, pics


Woods walker
Mar 7, 2005
Western Oregon
On our return from last week's trip down to California we made a one day detour off I-5 to spend a day on the central Oregon coast. We spent a real nice day on the beach just south of the town of Bandon, though the temps were in the low 50's and there was a north wind at about 20mph, gusts to 30! Walked about 6 miles, total.

This is a really scenic stretch of coastline. Here's some pics.


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looks like abalone country! i love the coast

Not too far from your neck of the woods at all, Willie. We headed west at Roseburg over to Bandon, came back by way of Reedsport and Drain.
Sure looks different from the beaches around here. Where are all the sunbathing tourists? :lol:
that umpqua river road is a nice drive! good elk country!!

mr sir, the bikinis around here are made from bear skins:D
Looks like you had nice weather Burnham. Good to see JASPER! in the last picture he looks a bit fuddled.
At first I thought the rocks were man made but nooo.
Wild looking place to relax in and enjoy.
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Looks like you had nice weather Burnham. Good to see JASPER! in the last picture he looks a bit fuddled.

Maybe he was beginning to feel poorly, Frans. Or maybe it was the windy conditions, lots of moving sand down at his level.
nice Burnham, great pics as usual. I think Jasper might have been sad that he didnt have his packs on so he knew it was just a jaunt, not an adventure! :)
If I was Jasper I would give my dad the most mournfull look in the world whenever he approached me with that pack.
Then when he carried it for me, I would scamper like a pup!
Heres is a pick of my first dog ever.
Her name is Oakley, we've had her a week now and this is about as close as she will get to us. Obviously abused.


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Here's a cropped shot from the beach ones. No fuddled look here :D.


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wow b, it looks like Jasper doesnt have a care in the world. I cant wait until Oakely will let us pet her. She sleeps at the front door and doesn't stray far at all but doesnt come closer than the pick.
I have to walk real slowly around her and open the door real easy or she gets spooked and falls down the stairs running away. Dont mean to bogart your thread B.
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No sweat, Robert. Taking on a dog with baggage like you have done is a fine thing, good luck with it.
Beautiful countryside, Burnham...thanks for taking the time to the rocks being that close to the AIN'T Florida, for sure.