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Mar 6, 2005
I recently acquired this 13' handsaw (thanks Koa Man!) and I'm amazed at how sharp it is. It IS definitely the sharpest handsaw I've even handled and I hope like heck I don't ever cut myself with the sucker. Now I just wanna see if it lives up to other's claims that it stays sharp for a lot longer than any of the others out there.
One thing I don't care for is the hook in the handle. Perhaps I'll cut that off.


I do believe Silky has met their match! :thumbup:
cool, a good link. might have to give it a try if its master blaster approved
We got a bunch at work, careful with them breaking, we have broken a bunch of them. The blade seems thinner than the silkys... Probably why they cut faster, narrower kerf.
I checked one out at Bishop a few months ago. I didn't like it because the blade was so thin. I thought I might snap it by pushing too hard if the blade pinched a little. I know you're not supposed to cut in a way where that would happen, but happens.
I have been using Kanzawas for 2 years now and haven't broken one yet. I haven't even broken a tooth, although I have managed to break a few teeth on the Zubat blade. I don't think the blades are thin, at least not on the one I use, same as the one I sent to MB.

Let's have the Master run it through the wringer. I am curious to see what he thinks of it. MB, give a first opinion and then after you have used it a week, a month, 3 months, etc.

Regarding the hook at the end of the handle. I cut mine off. Didn't like it snagging things and getting pulled out of the scabbard.
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The sharpness of the teeth feel different when I touch them. They almost scare me!
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ha! give'er!

No worries MB, just make use of the Zubie even if you fall in love with the Samurai. dang, that sounds kinda.... well, you know..

:) Its all good, Wife got it posted yesterday after staring at the outbox for a week, will give you some time to play with the new blade.
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Paul, you simply wouldn't believe how sharp this fugger feels. I mean, I haven't even cut anything yet and I'm here to tell you you need to drop $40 and order yourself one.

And then again I could break it on my first limb.... but I don't think so. ;)
I am open to learning. :) my Zubey took me for 10 stitches months after new, I have cut my fingers on a brand new one without feeling it. If the Samurai is better, bring it on!

I think breaking blades is a user error thing, used reasonably gently most blades will hold up, used in Gorrila mode, most will break readily.
I agree Paul. Particularly if one breaks the blade on the "push" funny they only cut on the pull, no need to get all aggro on the forward movement.
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There IS a jap handsaw that does cut only on the push, but generally it's not marketed for the general public.
I agree Paul. Particularly if one breaks the blade on the "push" funny they only cut on the pull, no need to get all aggro on the forward movement.

True dat, but it happens.....I did break one of the older hollow ground Ichiban blades. However, last year, in response to the breakage they were having, Kanzawa made the blade a tad thicker. I think the new blade is fine...but today, I tested one of the old thin blades against a much newer Zubat blade. Even though there was one broken tooth on the Ichiban (from me or someone whacking at something carelessly, prolly), it was hard to tell which was faster. And I, too, am convinced the Kanzawas hold an edge longer. This should also apply to the cheaper, thicker, non hollow ground blades, as they both use the same hardening process...those blades are what I supply to crew members, they are bombproof, and cut plenty fast for the average lackey......

Personally, I like the hook, for the added power it can provide. But maybe I should cut it off one of my handles and see what I think. It sure can snag and get pulled out of the scabbard.