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Where do I find this fella I hear you all talk about on ebay?
He just got a new shippment of rope in from samson so look through his inventory. Great guy to do business with. Ive bought 9 ropes from him inthe last 2 weeks, getting ready for high inflation.............
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Carl does he ever get any bull lines in?
I am needing a couple of 5/8s & one 3/4 line. Prefferably Stable Braid.
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Man that has to be for for barges & tying off large boats.
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Well I just bought a 100' of 5/8s Stable Braid. For the buy it now price of 75.00.

Sent him a note asking about him covering shipping. Hoping he will do it.
With 18.00 for shipping added its not what I would call a fantastic deal.
this is the first thing ever that I have purchased off of ebay.

Carl when you dealt with this fella before did you place a bid or give his asking price? This is new to me.
I see he's got a piece of 3/4" x 150' on there. The description says it is Stable Braid, but the line in the picture is actually Arbor Plex. He says avg strength is 19,000, but 3/4 Arbor Plex is actually 12,000. If it really was 3/4"
Stable Braid, it would be 20,400 not 19,000. He's got another piece on there called "Samson 7/8" x 150' Braided Nylon Bull Line", with again a pic of Arbor Plex next to it. Arbor Plex is not made of Nylon and doesn't come in a 7/8" diameter (3/4" is max). Again, he says strength is 19,000 lbs. Either this guy knows absolutely nothing about rope or he is intentionally misleading people to make the line seem stronger than it really is. Yikes!
I'll admit I'm tempted by his prices. Brendon - when you received your order, was it the one in the picture or the one in the description? Did you know before you received it which one it would be? I know I'd be pretty pissed if I thought I was buying Stable Braid and got Arbor Plex instead.
Some of his pictures I have purchase showed a similar line, but it mighta said "this rope is orange, not white as in the picture". I always e-mail him first though, just making sure I'm getting what I want plus the free-shipping. Putting up Arbor PLex for Stable Braid is a little wacky though.
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I Just bought a 100' of 5/8s & 79' of 3/4 Stable Braid. Total: 175.80 with shipping

Now I could use a 100' of 7/8s & 2 150' hanks of 5/8s with one end on each, eye spliced. But maybe its time I learn to splice my own stuff?
For me the description has always been what I got.

I normally emailed him a list of what I wanted, he would send me a price and I'd get the goods.
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=MasterBlaster;249085]You have a use for a bullrope of that size that's only 79'?

My main reason for that line is to help stabilize a storm damaged or busted up big limb or tree while I work on it.
But its still long enough for blocking down chunks on a lot of trees around here that would need a rope that strong.
Also after I learn to splice I will probably make some slings out of it & buy a longer hank of 3/4.

Dam, I just bought more chit from the man. Its worse than a crack habit:lol:
I dont think I want to see my total:cry:
1st time Ive bought anything off ebay. It's addictive:|:
Dam you Carl!!
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I had to quit looking at his sight.
I think I have purchased enough rope for 3 crews.

But through out any given year I will make use of every foot of it.

Only thing I need now is is 2 long hanks of 5/8ths with an end spliced on each. I really like the idea of the 7/16 Stable Braid for a light weight let down line.......I cant stop
I need a durable firm rope for pulling 50-150lbs up on a roof. I was thinking 3/4 would be easy to hold on to. Is stable braid the best choice for this? And can it be spliced?