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What is a good rope to practice on? I am looking at double braid and 16 strand. I just don't want to break the bank on practice stuff. Thanks.

When you practice firefighting, do you use different, cheaper life support gear than you would use in a working situation?

If you're going to practice for tree climbing, then use tree climbing rope. There are many good, inexpensive 16 strand arbo ropes available.

A couple days ago some of the guys here were talking about a guy on eBay that sells short ropes quite cheap. 60'-80' would be more than enough to get started.
Check out aisle 26 at your local Home Depot; after all, their motto is, "You can do it, we can help." :P

j/k ;)


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point taken. Time to buy some rope.

If you are looking to get the motions and pattern of double braid down before you attempt splicing some expensiver 3/4 rigging sling or something of the sort, I find that a 3/8" new polyester double braid like Sta-Set (NOT Sta-Set X), or Double Esterlon, or Stable Braid or Samson XS or something of the sort tend to allow you to grasp the concept while not being so tiny it is hard to work with or so expensive you fear the first mistake.

You will have to refine your technique when you move from that to something like a big rigging line or maybe an 11mm climbing line.

Talk to the ebay dude when you order. Mention you're from the Treehouse Forum and Carl Rutherford from Mississippi sent ya.

You could get free shipping, most folk do.