Portable Air Conditioners


King of Splices
Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
I'm in the market for a portable air conditioner for our apartment. The window mounted kind won't work because I want it to cool off the splicing shop, bedroom, and sometimes livingroom, but without making either of those to chilly.

Anyone own one of these? I've done some online research and I'm getting :|: confused.

I'm looking at something like this that you can roll from room to room, and doesn't require emptying a water bucket every day or so.

Any tips?

my parents and one of my sisters each bought a unit from Costco that mounts in the sliding patio door, they were happy with the performance but its not so warm as your place in the summer up here... :)
You do have to port the exhaust out a window or something. I has a drier hose thingy. Noisy but they work good. We have one
Nick, I have one of those from when I was in an apartment. It was OK for one room that you want to take the edge of July and August off. The better you can seal up that room the cooler you can get it, obviously, just like a window mount. It took a little bit of doing to get a good fit at the window, I had to fashion a different piece out of styrofoam.

Bottom line: It's better than nothing on those dog days, when you feel like camping out in the freezer aisle at ShopRite. It is hard to get over the price, since it only works as well as a $179 window unit.

W.W. Grainger sells them .

I've installed the larger units that are used to cool portable office complexs etc but have no experiance on the smaller household units .They are better than window units but not as good as regular central air conditioning .