Poison Ivy - how to get rid of it


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Aug 3, 2007
Hello all

So this is my really first post of a new thread. (also somewhat new here)

I was just in the yard and found PI - yuck

Ok - i am not pulling it out. I would like a spray or something that works.

Any suggestions? the product should be over the counter and easy to use.

OR is there another thread with additional information

thanks all

Yes, Roundup is the stuff. It's systemic, absorbed through the leaves. Don't bother spraying the dirt because it does nothing that way. Just wet the leaves.
Brush-Be-Gone. Round up is a bit weak for poison oak and ivy.

Also apply the herbicide during the fall when the plant is translocating energy down to the roots (brush be gone and round up are systemic). This way you get a better kill of the roots instead of just burning the leaves.

If you must apply now, attempt to buy a 'Contact Herbicide'. You may need to find someone with a license to buy it for you. Or hire a company to do it for you.

If you do use round up at this time of year, buy a thickener which is a product that increases 'stickyness' of the product. I also like to use a colorant so I know where I have sprayed. No sense in over spraying and wasting the product.

Like Skwerl said, apply until just before run off on the leaves.
Spraying on a hot day is better because the cells of the leaves are open.
Yep, foliage or injected, definitely not a soil drencher. Figure you need to wet half the leaves, more is fine and less can be pushing it.

Ivy is fairly tender, a weaker solution will do the job (similar to grass). We buy the 41% concentrate and mix it according to our needs.
Interesting! I did not know that the 'cuticle' of poison ivy leaves is tender and soft.

Here we have poison oak. The leaves are softer and less waxy than say, English ivy, but they are still tough leaves. Unless you get them when they just come out.

I have clients who have spent years and years trying to get rid of the stuff.
If all else fails there is always 2-4D and deisel on a hot sunny day!
It ain't right, but it works!
Hmm just private andy, andy knows alot!
Why is tree killing on a tree health thread!>? :0 :P
I guess I could see how it fits yo, kinda like "How to get rid of Kudzu:"
I will say ."we we eat the poision ivy plant so we can become one with, sure it taste bad for a few days but, it is therefore the reason for abscence of affliction"
Save the Poision ivy! When i say eat the plant sure just one half a small leaf, dont be chewing on the waxy ones, and dont kiss your wife after you eat it.IF you want to be a great stewart of forest when your friends come over just sit rite down in a patch of poision ivy and explain.
Where are you from in GA hummm?
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No, I enjoy climbing on my PI.

It's that invasive vine that is what needs to be gone.

thanks for the suggestions.

for killing the poison ivy, i use 41% glyphosphate (round up, but I buy the off brand) mixed at 6oz/gal. to that i add trimec at 3oz/gal and a sticking agent (surfking).

Its really strong, but it works like magic.

if you have it growing in large vines up the side of a tree, youll need to cut the vine and apply something like tordon rtu. spraying the above mix on a non-leafy vine wont do you any good. when cutting, make sure NOT to cut into the tree and dont overapply the tordon. it will kill the tree too if you get it on it. You probably wouldnt have to cut the vine in two, just scar it up.

good luck!
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i've had the itch and really do not want it again. I have pulled a bit as the soil is more decomposed leaves so that is easy to remove, BUT it is gaining on me. I figure use something so I can keep it under some type of control ( sure keep nature undercontrol)

Depending on how much it is, Round Up and a 25 gallon sprayer (or bigger) with an electric pump makes for a quick death. It's what we do for controlling vegetation, drive the golf cart around squiting as we go, before you know it you're done :)
But some super sensitive types don't wanna touch it, gloves or no gloves.

My mother even breathes the stuff her lungs get infected!! Seriously alergic to the stuff!!
Me, I can roll around in it, but poison Oak, I am toast!!

Even trying to burn it off can get a lot of people infected, it can be nasty stuff!!
that seems odd, its the same oil i think on both plants. urushiol or some such oil

And I can't argue that, but it's true!! I can climb, drop and load a tree covered in ivy and be fine, I go fishing and get into Oak, I am covered with sposts and have to see a doctor!
I hate working when wearing long sleeves during the hot months, and we have poison oak/ivy all over in the woods...and around vacation homes. They use the urishii sap for lacquer work, but I'm very susceptible to getting the swelling and itch when contacting the stuff. Just a caution to you guys who don't get infected after contact, that can all change after one good exposure, and then forever after you can get it. Getting it on your privates is some kind of torture, take my word for it! Home remedies: If you get in the shower and flow water as hot as you can stand on it, it takes away the itch for a number of hours, even though it can itch bad while you are doing that. Regular household washing bleach, diluted to half strength with water, then put on the swelling a number of times per day, helps to stop the itching, and will dry out the rash in a few days. That's what I find works best for me.