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I am Lithographer and understand the properties of light and focal planes.
I saw that we got alot of good random photos and I thought I'd start a thread.
I see a few albums in a few siggys.
Heres one I took of my rock garden. I have grasses and trees (pine) so far.
Anyways here two picks messing around with focal length.
I didnt know if this should go in rec room or knot.
There are three planes the film plane, the lense plan, and the copy plane.
In the first pick the grass is in focus, the second pine the gnome is in focus


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I miss my manual 35mm Canon. The digital crap shooters we have just can't pull off these sort of shots. I had lots of mushroom snap-shots on film, but where they're at? Who know's...
Nice pics bro...
Nice pics, are you using an SLR? It would be nice to see the whole garden.

The terms you're using are from the days when press plates were made with cameras...GIANT cameras. Cool process but outdated.

In digital photographic terms you have the imager plane (film plane), the focal plane (copy plane), and the lens plane which kind of moves around with compound zoom lenses.

What you're playing with is the focal plane and it's adjusted by changing the distance between the lens and the imager rather than the focal length (unless one of those shots is cropped).

I don't mean to sound strident about it... depth of field, focal plane adjustment and how they relate to focal length is one of those subjects that photographers argue ad nauseum... kinda like Stihl vs. Husky. :)

Lots of digital cameras and virtually all digital SLRs can be focused manually or at least selectively. With most point and shoot digitals try placing what you want in sharpest focus in the center of the finder and depressing the shutter release half way... hold it down, recompose and fire the shutter. It doesn't work with really crappy ones but will with the reasonably good ones.

This was auto-focused and recomposed like I describe above, if I had just auto-focused the background would be sharp and the lily would be soft.
Remember the Browine's , anyone? 120mm, black and white, roll film, daylight camera. It opened photography for the masses. And it captured all our precious family moments. And then came Polaroid and the Instamatic. In many respects the Brownie was superior over them. Just for the format.

I bought my first 35mm in Viet Nam. Back,,, in the 60's. Up to 2006 I went through no less than a dozen 35 mm's. Literally wore them out. Never did go large format. Wanted to,, but just couldn't justify it.

So in 2006 I went to digital still. And the camera I chose to buy had all the features of my most expensive 35mm system with all lenes. And all in one compact package, and at a third of the cost.

And the image resolution is as good as Kodachrome film.

Simply amazing.

Oh, Blinky

You got it down, Man..
Blinky, nice snap-shot!

I hear what you saying about half shutter on the digital. I just miss using a well worn telescoping lens, shooting close-ups with a 10x 6x macro lenses. The shots you'd get are simply amazing. I used to shoot like that whilst casting hard light on print in a book, then taking the shot. You would get the greatest effect that way..

BTW: I'm not a photographer, just someone who likes to take semi-artistic snap shots...

Remember this guy??? Ansel Adams.




One for Beranek!


Don't ask-----------:lol:

That last tree looks like a lot of our local oaks after the hurricanes 4 years ago. It took over a year to clean up all the ruined trees and try to reshape and clean up the rest.
Hey Drella, that last pic looks like that fracture pruning we talked about a while back. I think there was a thread from one of the guys across the pond?
Hey Drella, that last pic looks like that fracture pruning we talked about a while back. I think there was a thread from one of the guys across the pond?

I don't know nothing about that......;)

And here's the before!

I don't know,, I'm somehow drawn to the butchery more, rather than the near perfect shape of the Oak- before it was destroyed...:^o
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extreme: ...I understand the properties of light and focal planes.

Wish I did.


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A sampling of my work...


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I like to play with macro pix....but this one from a couple days ago ticked me off....I could NOT get all the little red fuzzies to focus....too far apart, it seems.


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I like to play with macro pix....but this one from a couple days ago ticked me off....I could NOT get all the little red fuzzies to focus....too far apart, it seems.

Che, if your camera has a spot metering setting, choose it. Or,choose manual focus...and move the camera around till the focus appears sharp.
Seen this Kayaking about a month ago


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Here's one I took of my Riedell speed skates and sent through Photoshop..


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Have a Nikon digital single lens reflex, but it's pretty old. Just some shots near my shop.


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I have a cannon elf550. It's rugged.

Like a camel smoke in the desert.


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Brave new world

Here is a Flickr account I happened across that has some awesome photo's.


You will be offended when browsing the "MARKETS" folder. If you're not too sure where your food comes from and how it gets to your dinner plate, then don't be surprised when you see how they do it in the Asian sub-continent!
My son wanted to stretch the legs on his new camaro yesterday so we rode up to where I grew up and used to work in the coast range mountains west of Patterson. Pretty hot and dry looking.


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Anyone familiar with these guys?


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