petzl sequoia


Nov 30, 2006
I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere about this saddle, but couldn't seem to find it. A friend just got one and I spent half of the weekend flying around the tree in this harness and love the thing! Which really sucks because I just bought a saddle several months ago :cry:, but the sequoia is by far the best I've tried.

One thing I will mention: I've been weary of switching from my deluxe buck traverse as I really like the way the saddle 'sits', or in other words where the saddle pulls from when climbing. I've found other saddles are either too high where it feels like you're climbing from your belly button (ex bfly) or too low where you feel you're going to be flipped over (tmotion); the sequoia was perfect... actually better than the traverse. It 'pulls' from what feels to me to be the hara, or center of gravity in the body.

Again this is all personal conjecture 8)

Wierd, I just replaced my deluxe Traverse with a Sequoia. I still keep the old traverse around for when I have to carry the big saw though. Hauling a 460 around on that Sequoia is not fun. I like how the Sequoia rides - it is sleek and form fitting for squeezing into those dense canopies, and is comfy to sit in for about 20 minutes. Much more than that though and my feet go numb. I wish the leg pads were just a touch bigger. I'm thinking of stitching some carpet on the pads to make them bigger, although that will make it smell like dead animal after it's been wet for 6+ months.
mmmmmmm, wet dead animal.
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My gloves smell like dead rat after about two weeks working in the rainforest :O

I've decided to order the Sequoia. I was thinking the same thing Sean, keep the traverse for removals and the Sequoia for pruning work. The back pad on the traverse is oh so comfy 8)

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Does the Sequoia have room for a caritool on the hips for saw attachment?