Petzl Altios Helmet


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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
I gotta get me one of these!

Where do your muffs go? Petzl makes some great helmets but I can't see myself buying one with out a place to put my muffs. For now I'll stick with my vertex.
Too bad this Petzl helmet does not have closing vent holes. Sucks to wear a helmet like that with the rain running in.

Fair weather helmet only, I guess.
looks nice....personally, I prefer banded earplugs to muffs....

that looks like a stylin' Elios..which are cheaper helmets than my Vertex Vent, which has adjustable vents and takes muffs.

but it doesn't dive...:roll:

umm, sorry, v......:O
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The helmet comes with caps that close up the vent holes.

I like it for the following reasons:

I've worn the petzl ecrin roc for years. It's alright. A little heavy, but it's cool to wear because it floats on your head w/ a suspension system.

I switched to the Meteor III which is light, has HUGE vent holes, but is a little warm because it's the (non ansi approved) foam kind with no suspension inside. It sits right on your head.

Meteor III 235 grams
Ecrin Roc 475 grams
Altios 330 grams

From the petzl site:

The ALTIOS' hybrid suspension system, composed of a mesh panel and expanded polystyrene liner, makes this helmet extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Thanks to this innovative design, the helmet "levitates" above the head for a near-weightless feeling. The space between the head and the liner allows for effective ventilation with the Climate Control System

No yellow, but they do have orange!


So is it the suspension system or the foam that protects your head from an impact?
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So I just got off the phone with Andrew @ Petzl headquarters in UT. He said the impact is mostly absorbed by the suspension, but it has the foam, too. The plastic casing and foam will crack under heavy impact.

So far no plans have been made for ANSI approval.
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I think you're missing the whole point. So the Meteor III (not this helmet this thread is about) does have the foam flush against your head. It has good ventilation, but it is still way hotter than the ecrin roc or the $5 home depot helmet.

But the Altios (the one this thread is about) has foam, but it ALSO has a suspension system. So you get the advantage of a super lightweight helmet that has ventilation holes, but also has a suspension system to keep the foam off your head.