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Climbing Up
Jun 22, 2005
It was held yesterday in Tacoma. Some great climbing. and, Eli, who first climbed a tree in 2003, took the honors. Even though he failed to score in the aerial Rescue or Throwline, he squeeked into the Master Challenge, and won it. He hit a 80 foot perfect crotch on his second try and worked the tree from there. Dan Kraus judged rather than compete, but Eli has benefitted from having Dan on his crew for the last year...earlier he learned a thing or two from yours truly....

Here's a slide show of pics...

Bryce Landsrud, who didn't have to be the main organizer this year, as he usually is. Credit Zeb Haney and Tom Otto for a great event.

Eli after the 50' footlock, which was held in a huge douglas fir. The first branch was at 85 feet, so the old Velocity line had a fair bit of bounce:

The speed climb was held in a 132 foot sequoia, and went up at least 105 feet! Eli won that in 1:12, by 0.3 seconds. Not sure who won the work climb...

At the limb walk bell:
dang, I didnt even know it was on! I thought they usually did it with the AGM in the fall?
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Paul, that was a regional qualifier.

here's yours:


British Columbia Regional Tree Climbing Competition

New Westminster, BC

Queen's Park, 51 First Street
roger that, Roger. :) I talked with a couple organizers just last week about the July one, then after I vounteered to help judge, I realized that I have a prior engagement that weekend :(
Maybe next year. Too bad, this one was 15 minutes from my place rather than over on the island in Victoria like it usually is.
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Come on! More pics!


Did ya look at da slide show?

OK...a teaser:

Chris, who works for Kathy Holzer, all the way at the bell. love the silhouette, and limb shape. He's tied in at least 35-40 feet beyond the edge of the photo! A fall would have been no fun at all.


Eli, setting his line after that awesome 80 foot throw to a tiny target.

And, our lone woman, Kathy:

redirecting her line in the next two shots.

Oops I was totally gonna go but completely forgot about it. :whine:
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They should show up the same size.....they do for me.....
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Welll, among the woman, she finished first....

..and last.....:P

Hey, I'll get to meet ya in September!!!

Ya gots a back yard we can camp in?
didnt even know that was on, is that the one we would go to roger? pnw isnt very good about getting out the word
The lawn is available. The sprinklers come on in stages at 4am so you might have to move a couple of times. I am excited to meet folks in September.
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I got some pics that Scott of 4 Seasons Tree Care shot...they're on the slide show....and below.

In order, they are:

Eli, chillin' with his winnin's
The old geezers, Oxman and moi...
Marty in the AR event
Luke, about to walk the big doug fir limb out to the AR dummy
Chris W, Kathy Holzer's climber, on his smooth climb


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cool RB. Are you going to the climbing jamboree up here in July? Its in New Westminster at Queens Park instead of in Victoria this year.
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I'd like to, Paul. If Eli does well in Oregon, he'd be stoked to stay on a roll in Canada--though I'm sure Ryan and Gareth would clean his clock....and I like hanging with him and shooting pics of the young guns having fun.

I'm thinking that's the same park where I took a make-up day of Arbormaster traing a few years back...some cool big trees.
As always RB, great pics. heck I woulda went iffin I knew about it.
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Oh well, next time, Robert.....We've been slow, and a climber who I hadn't used for a few weeks worked with us today. he was bummed I hadn't told him about the event....

Deming is.... weekend?
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Looks like your lens is bigger than Oxmans.

That's the only thing dats bigger...

his bulk does limit his climbing speed...and agility....

my lack thereof means that 7 pounds of glass and electronics hurts my pencil.....


and hurt my wallet.