On the road again.......


Cali dreamer
Dec 9, 2005
San Francisco, Kali
Hello Everybody.

So I'm going to be taking a bit of a trip soon.
Need to visit my mom outside of Philidelphia, sometime in the summer.
Not exactly sure of my timeline yet.

I'm probably going to take a oneway ticket to the northeast and visit family.

On the return I'm thinking of taking the greyhound bus either north middle or south route.

On my return I want to meet a bunch of you all.
I'd like to also do some work.
So if you think you could use a guy like me sometime in the summer give a holler.

I'll show how the west coast does it.

Depending on how many responses I get, I'll plan my route.
I'm leaning toward the southern route, probably south along the atlantic seaboard to more family in S.carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Then west through the lower 48.

I thought about going to Europe, but I'm not looking to spend a bunch of money.
I'd like to come back with a little more cash than what I spent to travel.

Again, once I know more about my timeline i'll update this.

You're more than welcome here. As to work.... I'll letcha know then. So far I'm staying decently busy, hopefully it'll pick up as it warms up.
You can't make Marin money here in Boise but you are welcome to visit and come play in the trees here Deva.
same here deva. should have something, may not be spectacular but something fun can be arranged
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Nah Butch,

I won't have my own vehicle, cept the GreyHound.

Figure I'll just bring a light gear bag.
Probably not even a chain saw.
I just got to SC, a few jobs already but far from being booked. Leme know if you plan to be anywhere near Surfside, It'd be cool to see ya.

Have fun!
Come in the warm months and we'll go rafting or just do the mellow float down the Boise River. Don't worry about saws, I got some of those.
ive got a champ white pine ive been wanting to go climb and havent. bring an excuse with ya:)
maybe I will be the odd man out but you keep your distance ya hear!!

:D Kidding of course, you make it this way I buy the coffee. Dont have any of the work you do lined up though. Maybe Squashier can hook you up with that.
If you come up this way I'll do my damndest to line up some incredibly expensive, difficult trees.:D
Look me up if you make it to O-Town. I have a spare bedroom available if you like and I may be able to get us access to climbing the biggest cypress tree in the US. The Senator is about 5 miles from my house and I know people who say they can get me permission to climb it. :D
I may even be able to wrangle up a little climbing work amongst my many contacts. 8)
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My G-MA lives in Ocala, So most likely I'll be cruising through, Sqwerl.

I have to visit her anytime I'm within 1000 miles of her. :)

I'll be cruising through Texas and the Carolina's also.
I'm pretty sure I'll be taking the southern traverse.
What? Damn cali dreamers can't handle the cold or what?:P


Best wishes and good luck wherever you may roam Deva.
Dude, Dirty Bean! Ne Championships in Maine June 7th. Can't get you work but can give ya the best tour of the City you'll ever get.:)

I can probably line something up for you. Lemme knnow if you make it up here.