Old Blue

Al Smith

Mac Daddy
Mar 6, 2005
Northern Ohio
This old boat anchor was made before the majority on this site were even a twinkle in their pappy's eye . Homelite C5 ,77 cc ,1962 .

This old dog sat for twenty years in a barn ,on a shelf with a bad sparkplug wire .It was a freebie from my neighbor . Replaced the wire,replaced the starter cord,primed it just once .Would you believe it lit off on 4 pulls .Usually it's about a half a day of fiddley farten around to get them to putt .

Runs great ,starts great .That's where it ends ,dog with a capitol D .The old Macs can get with it ,not this one ,slower than a snail .No matter ,it's just a conversation piece of history preserved .:)


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My dad had one of those. It was the first chain saw I ever used, way back when, 35-some years ago. I remember it being very loud, no PPE back then.
None the less a cool old saw Al.
Thanks for sharing it here!!
They lived up to the name alright. With a 16:1 mix there was a big blue cloud of smoke surrounding you and the tree, wood log.

I remember when they were still working. In the latter 60's they were the treemans "backup" saw.
My dad had one of those. It was the first chain saw I ever used, way back when, 35-some years ago. I remember it being very loud, no PPE back then.

Same here, man that brings back a memory or 2. I learned to fall with one of those as a young feller.
LMAO... that a fact Al...

I also got a Remington Mighty Mite in that same barn (you can see the little red handle in the pic). Both saws run like tops... but they need to be cleaned and worked over.

Extremely loud is an understatement. The "mufflers" on the Homelite's of the 60's and 70's were mostly just a cover to keep crap out of the cylinder. The loudest saws I own are all Homelite's. I bet my Zip and 770G are louder than my 406cc dirtbike.

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Those little spark arresters are just typical of the time period .Some of the Macs ,like the 250 had them also .

The only thing that keeps you from going deaf is the fact they only run around 8 -9 thou on the Macs but the Homies don't even go that fast . They will blow the wax outta your ears and make dogs howl though .
They sure will. Another way they kept ya from going deaf, is that they were gas hogs, and ya had to shut 'em down and fill up damn near every 20 minutes... LOL

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One reason they sucked down so much gas is because of the unrestricted exhaust .It just blew right through the cylinder and oiled every thing on the clutch side of the saw .

Try stumping with one of those or an old Mac sometime.Wear a gas mask .:O
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Looks like a great stump saw!
Well,in looking at it you would think so .However to be quite honest they just don't have enough grunt to get-er- done .

Of course way back when that's all they had ,that's what they used .
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Old Blue has found another home already .It seems this guy just had to have it .I traded it straight up for the heaviest saw I think I ever picked up ,a David Bradley 5G that must weigh at least 50 pounds .

I'll take some pics this weekend and post them .This thing would make an anchor for a lake freighter .:)