Oak Removal with Knuckleboom

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Heres another from a month ago.

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Looks like the load headed your way a couple of times....are you running the crane from the tree? you like AC/DC dont' ya':D
it is a tad bit sketchy.........I would do it on some things though. Be safe out there Allmark........
Hey at least you can't complain about the operator running you into limbs.

Or talking on the f ing phone while you are trying to stretch for the hook.

Has the new wore off or the crane yet Mark?
That's pretty cool job and video. My question is when you climbed out on that one last top branch did you rope into the boom?
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Specs on boom; 127' verticle...1210# capacity at 100'4" horizontal. I am operating by remote from the tree. The new has worn off a little. I was tied to the boom on that branch and climbed back to the trunk.
Ah, I was thinking it was smaller than Mike's, but I guess I'm thinking about xman or whatever his screen name was.

Sweet rig!
Very Nice :thumbup: :thumbup: You can save a lot on man hours and expense with a machine like that.

We were working on a site of a new home and the cement contractor had a similar set-up, much smaller than your rig. It was remote control also. The guys down in the basement were packing the forms up and the truck, crane operator was loading them solo up onto the form truck for the next job. This kind of truck made basically a two/three man job a one man job.

I could see how a truck like the cement contractors would be beneficial to our business even if it just loaded big logs with that extended reach with the one man operation. I'd throw rocks at my loader if I had something like that. I don't do enough work right now to justify a truck like that though.
allmark, I'm sure you've answered this in other threads but what's the story with the arm in the avatar?