non-tree high climbing

I'd do it if I could live here. Looks like good work if ya can get it.
It would be a fun way of making a living. I figure it would be looking at a ginormous blade and saying, "Yep, it looks good!"

I bet they get blown around too!:D
That looks mellow, I suppose when I tire of trees there is something to look forward to.

Based outta Reno, Biggest little city in the world.
Why all the talk about their 'values'? Makes me suspicious that maybe they are religious? Or maybe just attempting to be a progressive company, dunno.

Some time ago a company like that was recruiting climbers to help set up these windmills in remote areas of China.
All the hardware for the windmills was being carried in by hand by teams of hundreds of chinese people because it was so remote and rugged.
There are and always have been different jobs for a climber ,most pay pretty well . Most however require a lot of traveling .

My buddy in southern Mich made about twice as much as I being a welder working for Chicago Bridge and Iron working on free standing water towers a couple of hundred feet in the air .He lived out of a travel trailer though and moved about 6 --8 times a year which would get old real quick .

The only time I ever got involved in any of this stuff was changing light bulbs on a 550-600 foot radio tower .It paid double time and I was young,dumb and full of --well .:|:
not for me, i sometimes think about being tied on to one while its turning when I drive by them. Suppose they are locked somehow though. Good application for SRT.
I emailed them thinking it would be a lot of fun to do in the winter when tree work is slow. To get certified you have to take a test and optional class. Tuition is around $1300.
I emailed them thinking it would be a lot of fun to do in the winter when tree work is slow. To get certified you have to take a test and optional class. Tuition is around $1300.

Let me get this straight, you PAY money, for the chance to be an employee of their company? Sounds like a great gimmick! I gotta do that.

In order to qualify for the opportunity to become a member of our team, the following requirements must be met. These requirements are designed to ensure that only the most qualifed personnel are selected. However, for a limited time only, we will be offering a select few people the following incentive(s):

Requirement #1:
The tuition for the privilege of working for my company is only 965.00 dollars :D
Payable in advance. Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money Orders only.

#2: Successfull candidates must prove themselves worthy by working for no more but not less than 90 days. During this trial period, the candidate must furnish all tools/equipment, clothing, PPE, and lunch. However lodging will be supplied in the form of ample space for sleeping in the back of the chipper truck

What a coincidence- I just got off the phone with them. Here's what I found out

You have to be a certified rope access technician before they'll hire you. That'll cost about $1300. You don't have to live near Reno. They work all over the country and they pay to fly you where the work is. They wouldn't tell me the pay scale over the phone. You have to submit a resume. I'll do that today and let y'all know what they say.

The certifications you need to get are SPRAT and preferably also IRATA. You can learn more about those here

I'm gonna look into this a little more.

Called course is $1300, plus another $100 to get SPRAT cert and another $200 on top of that if you want IRATA, which Skala prefers but does not require.

Neither test REQUIRE taking the course. Of course, ropeworks won't let you go to their training facility to JUST take the $100 test without taking the $1300 training course, but that's no suprise. I checked out the sylabus for the SPRAT level 1 course and it doesn't look all new and fancy. I would be sorta bummed if I paid $1,300 and had to spend an hour going over knots I already know. They should have an tree-guy discount!

I will check out to look into testing WITHOUT training.

These are some windmills just west of us.


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