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It's finally happened...:big-jump: 6/30/08 My son and his wife were blessed with twin baby boys. They were born 8 weeks premature, so they're pretty tiny yet. But the boys and mom are doing fine.


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Been about 6 weeks now, Thought i'd post a quick update on the lil ones.
They be growin like weeds... near 6lbs now.:thumbup:


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You can see it already, one's the sensitive artistic type, and the other is going to be a lady killer. Congrats!
Our new twins are cute, but these are even cuter!! Congrats, gramps!

(Oh, yeah....ours say moooooooooooo)
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Thanks everyone, They sure are cuties, and doing great. Just don't get to see them as often as we like, as they live about 4 hrs away. Get lots of pics tho, and that helps.