New free pubs


Jul 24, 2005
A new free publication has just been released by Ed Gilman of the University of Florida:
Developing a Preventative Pruning Program: Mature Trees.

There are also several more pubs that may be useful to some of you:

Design Solutions for a More Wind-Resistant Urban Forest

Wind and Trees: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes

Choosing Suitable Trees for Urban and Suburban Sites: Site Evaluation and Species Selection.

Selecting Coastal Plain Species for Wind Resistance

Selecting Tropical and Subtropical Tree Species for Wind Resistance

Selecting Quality Trees from the Nursery

Planting and Establishing Trees

Developing an Urban Forest Management Plan for Hurricane-Prone Communities

Normal "Abnormalities" in Palms
I think if there were any british people here, they would be pretty disappointed when they clicked on this thread!!!

Cool links, guy! I was just at a Gilman talk maybe 3 weeks ago. We were out in the parking lot checking out some trees. At one point, Ed says, "where should we go now." One of the other people in the talk said, "we'll follow you anywhere."

It was at that point my suspicion of the similarities between Ed Gilman and important religious figures throughout history were confirmed. Ed is like the pruning buddha!

I'm definitely a follower. I'll check out the pubs (publications!) that I haven't seen yet. Thanks for sharing.

Must be good, I skimmed through the mature tree care one and it hardly raised my blood pressure at all.
Thanks, I love this stuff. If it's FREE it's for ME!