New DVD from Jerry B!


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Mar 6, 2005
I just received and watched Jerry's newest epic, Cliff Hanger. It's about felling a hazard tree from a cliff, pretty cool video indeed! I wish I coulda been there to see it in person. Ya'll need to get it as soon as possible, you won't be bored!

Thanks Jerry! :rockon:

Oh, and the guy felling the tree looked a lot like Burnham!
Jerry B, whats the dish? :)

hmmm 38 views and only one comment? Where you at folks?! not even a chirp outta y'all?

It's good to see Eric is using that saw alot. Hell he's put more tanks through that saw in a month than I did in 5 years. Butch, I'll make sue to tell Eric you think he looks like an old PissFir Willy:D
It's only a 20 minute video. Though it did take a week of tweeking audio and video files to produce it, and a trip to Eureka. Worth the trip and time for sure.

I don't have it listed on my site. But anybody who would like a copy send $10 and your address to my PO Box. All the contact info is at:

Enjoy, and thanks, Butch!
I'm saving up so I can order all the films on the site and have them shipped to Sweden :)
I'll definately be putting in an order for more videos! I've got "Old Growth" and "Lumberjack", which was filmed not very far from me. I'll be buying lot's of stuff, now that I've got a real job.:D