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Jun 11, 2005
Al Bird A
I wasn't going to say anything until it got here but I'm really excited and had to say something. Last week I signed my life away on a 2008 Morbark Blizzard 14 with a 130hp Cat engine and a winch. It will be here in 3 to 4 weeks and I can't wait.
Congrats Ben! You better hurry up and make lots of money with it so you can still buy my bucket truck next month! :D
You're gonna love it! I'm on my third Morbark Tornado. They are awesome machines.
you'll love the winch if wou have never had one on a chipper befor
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Well, the chipper should finally get here tomorrow. 2 months since I ordered it.

I ordered it on Feb 19. Story is that my dealer placed the order right away and told Morbark to ship it as soon as possible and it absolutely had to be here by April 7 at the latest. That was when I was supposed to start my big city chipping contract. Apperantly Morbark crossed their wires and scheduled to ship on April 7. By the time we figured this out my machine was already being built and it was too late to get it shipped earlier. Thankfully the city pushed back our start date to April 14. The machine chipped on April 11 and I was told to expect it by the middle of last week. Middle of the week comes and I'm told that it will be here friday morning. Friday afternoon comes and I'm told that the trucker is running late and to expect it between 5 and 6 pm. Saturday morning comes no chipper no word or info from any one. I call my dealer on his cell and he gives me the name of the trucking outfit. I call them leave a couple of messages throughout the day. I get a call from my dealer in the afternoon and he tells me that it will be here monday am. This morning the president of the trucking company calls me and wants to ask me a few questions. He wanted to get to the bottom of whats been said by whom and whats going on. According to the paperwork he has it has always been scheduled to arrive on monday the 21st. So heres crossing my fingers that it shows up.

Meanwhile I'm a week into this chipping contract a machine short and way behind. I need to chip a minumum of 10 metric tonne a day 6 days a week in order to finish on time. So far we've worked 6 days and have 35. I made sure that I could order this machine and have it on time before I bid the job and was assured that it would be no problem having a machine here on time. It really torques me when people make commitments to me and then don't even come close to following through. Especially when I make commitments based on their commitments. Pisses me off.
The dealer should have provided you with a demo/ rental unit at no cost to cover the delay.

Hope things go better for you this week.
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The dealer should have provided you with a demo/ rental unit at no cost to cover the delay.

Hope things go better for you this week.

The dealer doesn't stock any units. Just orders them when people buy them.
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He's already helping me out in a big way. I will pay for my machine out of this one contract. He has bought the machine and I will pay for it when I get paid for the job. Only problem right now is that I need the machine so that it can go to work and pay for itself. I'm supposed to be paying a rental fee for the month I'm on this job. We may have to renegotiate the amount. On the other hand he's done me a big favor letting me have the machine before I pay for it. Sure he's charging me a rental fee but then again its not a demo/ rental unit he's renting me.
Seems like he should simply provide a rental/demo unit NOW.. and you pay the months rent as agreed
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