My new(ish) saw

Port the serial number - I bet Chisel Tooth could helpyou.
James, Sooo.... If Andy ports the serial number will he get higher torque output?:P

Andy, The oils are better now---you can run anything on 32/1 even the old Macs that specified 10/1.
I am running Stihl Ultra in all my saws at 50:1... even the old Homelites and McCullochs I have from the 60's. No problems at all...

I saw that too Justin... I never have ported a serial number... I wonder if Ed Heard does that? :P

Oh yeah... sweet saw Andy! :thumbup:

Gary, I don't doubt that 50/1 would work okay...but I'm just a little lubrication happy so I stick with 32/1.
Gary, I don't doubt that 50/1 would work okay...but I'm just a little lubrication happy so I stick with 32/1.

True Justin... but there is a thing as too much oil... Especially in the more modern saws and OPE...

Andy... are you gonna restore this monster? Or just play around with it? :)

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I bought her as the powerhead for an Alaskan sawmill, so she'll get a new bar and chain. gonna test run her tomorrow, see how she goes, then Monday going to run her at a Douggie fir butt that I felled earlier in the year. Then, if she's running sweet, buy the mill attachment. I got her mainly for demos at shows, and a bit of hobby planking.
Looks like a 08S introduced in 1965, 56ccm, 7000 RPM. The recommended mix is 20:1 using Castrol 2 stroke SAE 40. But like the guys said with the new oils out there today you shouldn't have any trouble. I have a old Mac 650 that I have ran Stihl oil at 50:1 in for over 12 years with no problems at all. Nice find. Let me know if you need anything for her.
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Sorry Andy I'm wrong, the top cover is different from the 08S, it is a S10, 1968, 56ccm, how ever the early models were 46ccm. Everything is the same as posted before. I don't have one of these, and I'm still looking.
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The most important thing when determining mix ratios is the level of lubrication. If you're going to mix 1970's era 40wt oil with your gas then you need to mix it at the ratios specified back then for that type of oil. If you're using modern synthetic mix oils then you will get superior lubrication by sticking with the current recommended ratios of 50-1 or even 40-1 for large displacement saws over 100cc.

That answer will still apply regardless of the saw in question. :D
Again I'm wrong, I did some looking and again the top cover is different. Everything else looks like the 08, 08S, and the S10, except the top cover ain't right. This is the S10.
Ok I slowed down and did some looking ,it is a 090.
1968, 137ccm, 13hp@6.500 RPMs. 20:1 as before.