My competition?

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Saw these guys today.
No climbing saddle and he is using an electric pole saw. While I was stopped and watching them, the little kid got bonked on the head with a branch.... :/:
Of course they are professionals! Can't you see how they stage their gas can and saw case in between the tree and the truck that they are loading the wood into? Only a hack would keep the tools and gear clear of the work zone.

And electric tools are the wave of the future. Gotta think 'green'. :roll:
They look professional to me. Plyboards to protect the lawn and a Stihl chainsaw.
Ah, see? Here we have a difference of opinion.

You guys see a bunch of hacks, I see Darwinism in action. ;)
When you think about it... it really must be a prune. No reason to climb it, it'll fall no problem. Is the tree still there?
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It was a removal, or so I thought. Now I am curious so I'll check it out. I left because they all started staring at me, giving me the hairy eyeball. Maybe because I was stopped in the middle of the road staring at them?
Sure it wasn't just the homeowner doin' a butcher job to his own tree?

If it is his... he can hack the hell out of it all he wants...

...or was this a "legit" tree service?

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No legit tree service. the truck had a vineyard maintenance name on the side of it.
That would explain why the guy on the ground is wearing rubber boots! :/: