My Christmas gift

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Lost my brakes yesterday going down one of the steepest hills in my area.

Master cylinder leaks, booster had no vacuum, and the rear seal blew out.
Catastrophic brake failure :whine: :cry:

AND it is very cold here. Ever work with thick grease and heavy cold iron on a frosty day? Ain't nothing like smacking your knuckles on cold iron.

Here is a picture of what you DONT want to see when you pull off a brake drum :(

Anyway, job is almost done now, merry christmas everyone
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No, didn't hit anyone or anything. I was thinking it was a golden opportunity to wipe some deserving person off the face of the earth :)
But I held myself in check. Just used the gears and got on home...

Waiting for some parts now
Cold is relative.

Sorry for your misfortune Frans. I am glad no harm came to you.
Yes A few of my relatives are rather cold.

Frans, Glad you weren't hurt and are getting things fixed.
My rear brake assembly exploded like that,....the culprit was a loose bolt on the parking brake assembly, came out and grenaded the whole thing.:X Sorry for your loss Frans
When I picked up my chipper yesterday I felt the clutch slipping a little bit. I only have so much more adjustment left before I need a new clutch plate.
Glad all came out well!!! That could have been ugly!!

I have come to expect starters to fail either the coldest or the hotest day of the year. Not much consolation, but at least you aren't lying under the truck!
Losing the brakes is a scary. Especially when you step on them and there is nothing there. I've drove trucks without brakes and used the gears. That's different.

Glad to hear you didn't ram big red into the ditch or off the mountain, Frans. Would realy hate to say, "I knew Frans when....."
I had my brakes go out as I was coming in to a stop sign at a busy intersection once. Fortunately, there was an empty steep uphill driveway just before the stop sign that I managed to turn into at the last minute. Scary.

I'm glad to hear you're OK Frans.

Good thing your not the type of person that likes to chit-chat on the cell phone while driving with bad breaks! :P

Glad nothing really bad happened!