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My chesties for sale


Feb 21, 2012
Barbados, Caribbean
Ok I have had interest for my chesties. I have adult and kids. They are all hand made. Sewn from top grade webbing using very strong nylon thread at a sailmakers shop. The tending point is in the perfect spot for any SRT device. Akimbo. Wrench. Runner. Uniscender or HH. They are not cheap but the quality is bar none and I was the first to bring this style to market in 2012. They are $50 shipped anywhere. I only take wesspur or treestuff gift certificates to simplify things. PM me and I can sort things out. Thanks in advance. If this is the wrong place for this Butch let me know. 2019-08-05 20.39.59.jpg 2019-08-05 20.40.30.jpg 2019-08-05 20.41.06.png 2019-08-05 20.42.53.png
The Tree House Loves TreeStuff!