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Mar 6, 2005
As long as so many pics are being posted I though I'd take a walk down memory lane and show ya'll the pine TD that wound up being my favorite avatar/tree shot.
Those are cool as hell Butch! Thanks for posting them for us. How come you didn't post em in the Wesspur catalog thread? There's a couple that look like catalog covers waiting to happen.

Besides, I can think of a few fags down under that'd probably go postal over it.:D
So throw them in. They're too cool of pics to leave out.
Pines that size here are very rare. Disease usually gets them
The White Pines are the only ones that get close, and they are rare anywhere near that size.
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This is the next tree I slayed after that first one. It was a lot easier, just set a pull line and ease her over. Check out the dog jumping up and down towards the end, lol.
And the snag at the left is the 36' avatar pic snag. It was thrown later.

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My favorite of me is when I was rigging around a high hazard removal & a cluster f**k of wires & a guy pulled up in a van to ask if we delivered chips ???!!!???
The look on my face woulda been precious !
Butch, I absolutley dig those pix !!!
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None that I noticed. I didn't allow a thick hinge to catapult me. It just plopped over, whoosh!