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Inside the gas tank under the vent on the older ms200t is a orange rubber saucer with a pecker on it. I've took a couple of them off some part saws but tearing them. Any suggestions?
Just go to a local dealer and buy one. When I had to replace one of my tank vent breather thingies, I ended up having to get the orange flappy thing also. No way to get it out without tearing it in two.
You have to pull out the whole vent thingy, then pull the orange flapper disc into place by pulling it into the hole from the inside. Then install the new tank vent piece. The vent assembly comes in a kit from your dealer but you have to buy the orange flapper separately. It's not expensive and once I got the old vent piece out it only took about 5 minutes to reassemble.
Here's the instructions that come with the new tank vent. The included items are pictured in the upper right corner. You need this as well as the orange flapper.
Thanks boss. Going to place order tommorrow. I sent you a PM, the fuel line was the culprit, but a new tank vent, flapper, and fuel line will put me back in business!
I ordered the parts yesterday. Hopefully I'll get the right things considering the guy didn't sound like he knew what he was talking about. He ordered me the fuel line that would work with the chainsaw the above kit is for.

It's not my normal dealer as he is closed Mondays, the parts will be in the end of the week...another saw sounds good for a spare but the truck needs tires.:(
Brendon, if you want the PDF parts list for the 200T, just send me your email addy. I've been through dealing with counter help that can't identify the correct part numbers and end up ordering the wrong parts. It's easier to just rattle off the numbers than watch them try to look it up for you.