Master Deluxe Fo' Sale!!

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Hello! So... I climbed in one of those new Sequoia SRTs today, and I think I'm going to upgrade. ...Only if I can sell my current harness though, which is a Buckingham Master Deluxe. It's in great shape, and I added a floating bridge to the two lowest attachment points, which is what I always climbed with. The bridge is connected with shackles, so If you want em' gone, you or I can just take it off.

I'm asking 200 bucks or best offer for ya'll.


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...Going Once...Twice...SOLD to the man in the hardhat!

Congrats Ryan! :thumb:

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Cool. I just sent you a PM. Congrats!
I think that rope bridge might be a little lighter than my current set up. This'll give me two saddles so I can force friends to go for a climb as well.:)


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Damn. Yeah, a little lighter, and it'll give you alot of options to play with. I got it cause of all the options, but now I feel like I know what I need, and don't really need tooooo much. I think you'll like it.