logging pics


Dormant hero!!
Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
i got my old logging pics scanned to disc so here goes.
lunch getting sent to the crew in the "hole"
my best dog ever tater hanging out on the deck
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my internet is way slow right now so ill do more later
a small turn coming up the hill
"the show"
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ill try some more
heres a power house skidder wth its operator and the big boss. this is hyampom, calif
that little prentie loader couldnt pick that log up! had to set the front end on, hold it there with the 648 and then set the rear
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heres one of 2 entry posts we set up at the shop. put a 30" blok on one and a 36" block on top of the other. (note good dog:D )
a new paint job on the 188 washington
and off she goes to a job
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timbco hydro-ax at the shop showing how steep a hill it can climb. note: how level the cab is, it tips in 2 directions. if it has trouble climbing a hill it can grab a tree and pull its self up or hold alog out in front for more forward weight
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first pic i think the skyline broke (you can see it if you look close near the guy on the hill)
cody bucking a broke log
jack sorting out a plugged chute
Neat pictures, we dont have those steep inclines around here.

I have done a few clearing jobs on steep roadside embankments but nothing like that.
Awesome pics Willie! Thanks alot for getting those together. What carriage is that a mackyII? We had a mackI and a eaglet guess which one I preferred :|: .
Nice pictures indeed, Willie. I'm enjoying them. Now post some of the steep ground for these flatlanders to gawk at :lol: .
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yeah macky some thing. some of the pics have a brand new one on its first day of work!
Nice pics. Another forum site people are facinated with this type of logging(sky line) never seen it even tho its been around a century. Some day it will be a lost art.
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heres 6 that wont impress you since you probably do this all the time with more obstacles:D any how its the last nd biggest stick in that unit
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the last one shows a little how steep it is burnham. really hard to show that in pics!
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climbing gear getting sent into the hole
rigging slinger pulling line
yarder pulling turn to the "road"
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crummy fueling up equipment
some big wood in the deck
a 6 foot sugar pine butt cut being block purchased up the hill
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butt and second cut on the road
on the truck
and another "nice but" ready to go to town:D
Is that your dog running around with you? Thats a good mutt!!
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yeah that was tater, we moved to the city and she got run over:( i had 6 week old pups at the time and kept one, twitch. shes pretty good but nothing like her mom.
oh that wasnt me falling that stick, just my dog running in to check out the stump:)
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the wood web puts that big butt log at around 20,000 pounds!