listening to your favorite radio station online


Sep 6, 2006
central Florida
I listen to the radio while online in the evenings and I'm constantly switching stations to avoid the screaming car ads and other obnoxious, repetitive ads. I've discovered that my local favorites all have a 'listen live' feature on their respective websites, and most of them seem to substitute 'canned' music for most of the commercials. I guess the advertisers aren't paying for the additional online broadcast or something. Anyway, I can listen longer with less ads.

Thought I'd throw this out for those of you without Sirius radio.
I hit the news and traffic station once in again, not the usual yappy yaps though.
As I understand it Brian the reason they don't run the commercials on the on-line feeds is that the actors wanted to be compensated for using the commercials online. At least this is what the problem was a few years ago. I would have thought they would have worked things out by now.
Are you serius? I am in all my trucks as well as a couple of mobil docking stations. Blue Collar 103 most of the time.
Not at 26.4Kbps....:whine:

thats ridiculous Che, I can listen via the web to audio streaming content and some youtube stuff on my cell phone, not having a faster connection via a landline is so unnaceptable in this day and age. I wouldnt be very happy if I didnt have a choice. :(