Kids climbing equipment


Sep 25, 2006
Vernon, B.C.
I know it's been covered before, but I'm not sure where to find the info.

I'm wondering about what types of harnesses/set-ups y'all use for getting your kids aloft? I'm also wondering about suppliers that sell the gear?

My daughter is only three but she is bugging bigtime to go up a tree. Don't worry I'm not a psycho, slow and low. But heh she wants to try it out so I'd like to give her the opportunity.
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Cool, I started this thread to find out if people have had good or bad experiences with certain styles/brands.
I bought a kids sized petzl rock harness for my neice when she visited, she is about 4'6 and thin, like 65 pounds, it fit her fine. After I bought it I realized there is a full body harness style for the smaller ones, so they dont fall out of it upside down. I think it was also Petzl. try , they are like 5 mins away from me in north van or they ship anywhere.

I found the most fun the kid had was when I put a pulley up in the tree, put the rope through it and she treated the harness and rope like a tire swing.

oh, and dont forget to wear your plastic hat, I think I got heck for not having mine on and not having one on the kidlet. :)


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Singing rock has the smallest full body........:Dpeapod swears by it:lol:
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Thanks guys. MEC don't know why I didn't think of that I've only been a member for the past 18 years.:|:
im watching with much interest as im supposed to do a climbing thing in june for a kids camp that a freind is putting together for the state somethingorother dept. and i need a kids saddle
The Petzl Oustiti seems like a rock harness (only built to hold your weight if you fall) and can be pretty uncomfortable if you have to dangle for a while. The New Tribe kids harnesses are much more comfy.
full body if they are little....4 or less....above that, they can listen:D
so i got the new tribe. what have you guys done to make it fun? im supposed to do something with 4th-6th graders. put up a bell for them to ring? looking for some ideas for quick climbs.
We had arbor day 2008 at the Presidio, luckily I brought a yates mountain harness, one size fits all.
25 lbs to 250 lbs.

I think I put that harness on 50 different kids, we tied a blakes and pulled
them up about 6 feet, then let them pull on the knot to come down.

They loved it, we let them kick against the tree for about a minute.


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i will, thanks for the shots! supposed to be tues june 17 i think, if enough kids sign up
Its funny this thread got bumped, I put Haley and her friends in my tree today. I used the GRCS to crank them up a little ways up. We have the Petzl kids saddle and I don't think it is the most comfortable for hanging.