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Utility Arborist

Mayer Tree Service is now hiring for the position of Utility Arborist Foreman. This position will consist of 5, 8 hour days per week, with overtime opportunities available. Storm work, and storm standby is often required. This position pays higher than industry standard to the right candidate. We offer full medical, dental, Christmas bonus, paid vacations and paid holidays. We also offer our employees the latest, state of the art, equipment that is available. We require a foreman who is punctual, professional, and possesses strong leadership skills. This is year round work, rain/snow/sleet/shine.

We have a zero tolerance policy for Drugs and Alcohol. Random Drug testing is part of being employed by Mayer Tree Service.

Mayer Tree Service will pay for all continuing education, licensing, certifications, and other programs that will help to advance you and our company in the green industry. We also offer employee purchases at our sister co., Mayer Power Products. Mayer Power Products is a full line Arborist supply, Arborwear, Stihl, and Husqvarna dealer. We offer ALL employees a 15% discount, and Arborwear products at cost once per year. Mayer Tree Service also supplies all employees with Company shirts, jackets, winter hats, and all PPE required for the job.

This position requires the following:

-3 years experience in the utility line clearance industry
-EHAP certified
-Current drivers license, CDL class B preferred. REQUIRED to obtain within first 6 months of employment
-Current DOT Medical card for all employees
-Ability to proficiently run a 2-3 man crew
-1 year minimum bucket experience
-Climbing skills a must
-Knowledge of proper pruning, removal, and rigging around electrical conductors
-Fluent understanding and practice of the ANSI Z133 pruning and work practices
-English Speaking
-Strong work ethic
-MUST be extremely well spoken, and good with communications. Both with our clients and our clients customers
-Knowledge of rigging and climbing knots, and all tools associated with the job

We also offer a CASH sign on bonus for a candidate who has the following credentials:

-Class B CDL
-DOT Medical Card
-ISA Certified Arborist
-ISA Certified Utility Specialist
-Ability to obtain Mass. Certified Arborist certificate within 12 months of employment

All Mayer Tree Service Utility Arborists are required to obtain Utility Specialist certificate within first 12 months of employment.

For more information please contact:

Seth Pearson

Director of Safety & Development

Mayer Tree Service, Inc.

9 Scot's Way

P. O. Box 517

Essex, MA 01929

Office: 978 768-7232

Fax: 978 768-7779
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So what is the salary range?

Salary is completely dependant upon the candidate. We are looking for someone who has all the neccesary licenses, and certs already. OR the desire to obtain them within 12 months of employment (6 months for CDL).

The sky is the limit at Mayer. I have doubled my starting salary in the three years I have been with them!
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Salary is between 30-50K a year plus, overtime, and bonuses.

Salary is VERY dependant on the qualifications, certifications, and licenses the perspective prospect posses-and is able to posses-in the time frame stated above.
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Well those are two extremely encouraging posts! saying all line clearance guys are drunks and addicts?

Wiley.....We're cheap? :what: Most Line clearance guys in this area are making 30-38 a year with OT!
i beleive butch is saying most tree guys at least smoke a little pot. i dont know about out there, but here thats a true story, its very hard to find climbers that can pass a whiz quiz
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i beleive butch is saying most tree guys at least smoke a little pot. i dont know about out there, but here thats a true story, its very hard to find climbers that can pass a whiz quiz

I am sure you're right. Sarcasm is hard to type, and understand.
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We have had a few calls. I am not 100% where they have gone past phone calls.

We are really hoping that someone with the proper certs'. steps up and comes in for an interview.