Integrated Tree Management Plan (ITM)


Dec 24, 2016
Southwestern Ontario, Canada
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This is a concept that I came up with a long time ago (around 2010), but I didn’t really develop it until quite recently. This is a strategy and framework for selling tree care services to customers with large numbers of trees, primarily condo corps, golf courses, cemeteries, institutions, industrial and commercial outfits, etc. Our big push at ConservaTree Inc., as of 2017, is to move away from residential tree work, and move most of our resources towards working with B2B customers, with the idea of having fewer customers but larger projects. The ITM framework is the backbone of that business strategy.

The idea for the Integrated Tree Management plan came from IPM – Integrated Pest Management, wherein you define monitoring schedules, thresholds, and control strategies for dealing with specific pests in the landscape. IPM is usually deployed in large-scale horticultural management situations, where you very-specifically define what you are trying to achieve in regards to insects and pests around valuable plant and nursery materials.

In a similar fashion, Integrated Tree Management allows property managers and arborists to communicate a vision and shared goals for collections of trees. Using this framework, a formal management plan is drawn up between the tree care company and the property manager, ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them. Rather than fuzzy ideas of what is trying to be achieved, the ITM concept allows for concretely defined standards and ongoing monitoring to ensure the health and vitality of cherished landscape trees, now and into the future.

Integrated Tree Management Plan (ITM)

As our name implies, ConservaTree is committed to all aspects of tree conservation, preservation, and environmental stewardship. The urban forest is about more than individual properties. It is about neighborhoods and the community as a whole. Trees take so long to grow – let’s protect what we’ve got!

ConservaTree Inc. offers property managers the most comprehensive service, maintenance, and management program in the industry – the Integrated Tree Management Plan (ITM).

Our Integrated Tree Management Plan begins with a thorough walk-through and site assessment by experienced and knowledgeable Certified Arborists. We strive to gain an understanding of your goals and vision of the future while addressing any ongoing concerns you may have. Our staff take the time to answer your questions and make recommendations tailored to the situation. Our aim is to assess the needs of the landscape, the community, and the property management team, working with you to identify problems and visualize solutions.

Your management plan is designed to help achieve the highest degree of safety, utility, and aesthetic value of trees on site, helping to preserve their beauty for years to come. ConservaTree is here to help ensure that your trees are given the best care by qualified professionals.

Your Integrated Tree Management Plan will address:

  • Tree species: which trees are recommended vs. not recommended
  • Site and soil conditions
  • Health and Vitality
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Ongoing issues
  • Planning for the future

Services include:

  • Twice yearly onsite monitoring and visual inspection
  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • Tree pruning, trimming, removal, fertilization, planting, consulting
  • Adherence to modern safety and industry standards
  • Traffic and pedestrian control to ensure the safety of the community

At ConservaTree, we commit to treat every tree and every property as if they were our own. This includes giving honest advice and assessment, performing top-notch, quality tree work, and providing full and comprehensive cleanup as part of every job. From start to finish, we raise the bar for tree care, consulting, and customer service. That is our commitment and our pledge to you, our valued customers.


This is still a work in progress but I'm hoping it leads to new opportunities for my small company. What do you think?