Indoor Rock climbing

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Spent the majority of the day at an indoor rock climbing gym. It was a blast but it was my first go at that sort of thing and quite humbling. We also did some "bouldering" up inverted 45 degree slopes and that was super hard. My friend and I are both capable tree climbers but those folks at the gym were a whole different type of climber. Even the chicks were going up some crazy stuff. Cant wait to go back, I think it will improve 3 point climbing in the trees. Anybody else into that stuff???
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Super rough on the hands/fingers. Hand strength is very important. Where's Dark - he was a rock climber.
Dark don't pull on plastic....he likes the real thing. Gyms are great workouts, but don't fooled, there is a lot to learn about rock climbing. A lot of gym rats get hung up on difficulty ratings..then they go out and get thier ass in trouble.....but that aint what it's about. Stop wearing gloves at work and your hands will get harder...
This is what its about........
NoBivy speaks the truth. Gyms are OK but rock is a lot more fun... especially long routes. The first thing I noticed about climbing trees was that the climbing itself is a lot easier than rock most of the time but the pace is a lot more sustained throughout the day.

Build up your forearms and hands in the gym and get somebody to take you out on some big rock... you'll love it.
those pics make my hands and feet tingle! ive done the walls before, its alot harder than work!! my fore arms would be burnt out when i was done
Looks like blood splattered all over that rock face. I think I'll pass. :\:

Thats some kinda red lichen......the route is "OZ" pronounced , ounce. On Drug Dome in tuolumne meadows..........a true classic. Crack climbing protects very well usually, as safe or risky as you wanna make...
I used to rockclimb and will agree 100% indoor is good for training, but on zee rock is alot harder. Around here gyms are the only place to stay sharp in the winter. I got strung out on a lead one time and it really noided me out, it really lost its appeal for me after that. Night and day leading to 2nding or toproping.

I'm hoping to get back on some rock this year, even if it's just toproping at the local crags.
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you guys are throwing out too much rock climbing lingo - just like those cats at the gym!

it was a fun way to spend a rainy day. And the stuff they called bouldering- like going inverted and all that stuff was pretty extreme.

I went to Cabo San Lucas and climbed some of these three weeks ago - just moderate stuff with no gear. You rock climbers would have been in heaven! Threw in a pic of my lil fish I caught.


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Yah Gerry it was alive and well, its eyeball - about the size of an eightball is looking at the camera - kinda creepy. Released immeadiately after catching - 140 lb striped marlin - anybody can catch them there - 90 percent catch rate with the right charter during parts of the year.

That penninsula was the only pretty part of the area. It was surrounded by resorts and a nasty downtown area and a huge fishing bay / port.


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We got to see the "never ending" pool as part of a time share tour we took. Just for taking the tour you get discounted fishing, hence the marlin.
i like climbing, just now its indoors due to the fact its really cold outside and the rocks never really seem to dry. i climb here

apprently its the biggest arena in the world. the tower is 25m high. they change the routes relativly frequently

cant wait to get outside again


p.s. click on the link as well other pictures there show the true size
Dang Rob! I missed this thread. You have been living it up!

I like rock climbing though not a rock climber. Had a cool weekend bouldering in Val de Mello, Italy.

Rock gyms are cool but way too many muppets - especially in Germany.
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what the heck is a muppet Nate?
It is Brit speak for tool. As in what a F'n tool but instead what a f'n muppet.

Ain't a clue what yer on aboot as that sentence doesn't shed much context. Unless you mean too as in work device...

I am guessing the lad works with a bunch of f'n muppets :)

Maybe you never used tool in that context? For example, these guys may think the chicks dig em but I would say, what a couple of f'n tools!