I’m a sucker for a bargain

This is very time sensitive. If they don't sell out first, it'll be gone at midnight EST. There's some interesting stuff you can do with a remote camera. I wanted one when I pulling logs out of the woods using redirects so I'd know when to remove the pulleys from the system. Magnetic mounts for the back of the chipper would be cool too. Here's a link to the manual...

The product...

You can get one of those 1 sided pulleys to automatically drop the line when the log gets to them. They're designed with only 1 cheekplate and you use a little tapered stopper above your choker to kick it off.

Thats a wire rope one with a keeper, so it's not cheap, but I'm pretty sure someone makes ones for fiber rope too. I would be very tempted to build my own at those prices.

Thats a wire rope one with a keeper, so it's not cheap, but I'm pretty sure someone makes ones for fiber rope too. I would be very tempted to build my own at those prices.

Somewhere I have the plans for a homemade version...the problem is where? Lol

Of course it would be great to see a crayon drawing from you. :)
That should work a treat, @Mick! Well done. Have you found an appropriate fairlead for it? IME, Warn fairleads are a solid unit, but you need to keep the rollers well greased, and there are no zerks. Easy to remove one heavy duty retaining ring on each roller to pull it apart, grease by hand, then replace. They barely wear for a very long time under heavy use, so long as they roll under load.
Only problem is they tend to mark most everything up 10-20%, so the discounts don't amount to much.
Yeah, I believe it. I don't really like Tree Stuff. I much prefer Wesspur. You know when Wesspur has a sale that it's a good one usually. I feel like Tree Stuff has one every week of some kind. Don't ever join the subscription list for Tree Stuff. They bombard you with emails. I receive on average three per week. It's obnoxious. I'm unsubscribing. It's outright rude and should be criminal. They own Sherrill Tree, and I have never once bought from them. I don't know why they don't just merge the two companies. Sherrill sucks ass.
SherrillStuff can get some good sales on individual items. It gets interesting around black friday, but as a general rule, a total order from them will be more than wesspur. TreeStuff was better when they were indies.
Eh, I get all the TreeStuff emails, but since I never check my email, it's not much of an issue. I've bought plenty of stuff from TS, I like lots of stuff from Notch, and I don't care. Wesspur is nice, but when TS let's me stack discounts on an order over a grand, then kicks me free stuff, and my order is now $1500 of gear for $800... just saying.
What it's like to be on a TreeStuff.com e-mail subscription list...

If anyone from TreeStuff is reading this: Please, take a few days between deals or promote multiple deals on one day! Does your email manager have Tourette's syndrome? Holy moly. So ridiculous.

Also, having the subject line "We're Ready Whenever You Are" is such a f*cking waste of my time. We know your site is up and running basically 24/7. I don't need a reminder that your website will allow me to make a purchase today. How about you STFU.

Set your email filter to automatically drop anll the TS emails into a separate folder. No need to even look at it, but if and when you need something you’ll be able to quickly see if there is a current sale/coupon code available.