Iced Tea Concentrate


Aug 27, 2006
Central Kentucky
Tried this today, like it:

Pour a quart of water into a saucepan, bring to a boil.

Turn the burner to lowest setting ('off' might be fine, too.)

Tie 8 family sized tea bags together and plunk into water, let steep 20 minutes.

Pour into quart jar, add a cup of sugar (more or less, the usual amount you'd add to 2 gallons) and stir til dissolved.

cool and refrigerate.

To make 16 ounces of iced tea, add 1/4 cup concentrate to 1-3/4 cups of water, add ice....drink!

Sure saves space in the frig.
My ex-girlfriend used to make tea like that, worked great.
That sounds like a great idea I'll have to try it tonight, thanks.
That's how we did it until this weekend when mother dearest decided it'd be better to have one of those tea brewers.

We did 4 tea bags and 1 cup of sugar per gallon, the main difference being we dilluted it to regular strength as we (I) drink volumes. At any given point there may be 4-5 gallons of milk and 1-3 gallons of tea in the back fridge, about enough milk for 4-6 days and the tea depends on the meals/activities.

Nick, iced tea is way different than sweet tea down here in economic MS.
I'll pass on the sun tea, thanks!

Not a very sanitary way of making tea. You can get the same effect letting the tea bags steepe in the fridge without the bacteria.
Bahh, it aint gonna hurt ya. Use a clean container and seal it well.
Sun tea- when letting your stuff sit out in the sun all day is easier than turning on the stove for 5 minutes. ;)
I dont drink it personally. I just think it would be easier is all.

Besides a lil bacteria is good fer ya!
Funny thing is I've never thought about it before in fact I'm drinking some now. I thought Carl was jurking my chain. What would we do without google?
Trust me or die?

Anyone who's dinned with me can attest to the volume of liquids I consume, hence I try to insure it doesn't kill me too early.
So Carl. Do you boil your tap water before drinking, or just don't drink it.

I drink tons of tap water, but we also have some of the cleanest tap water in the nation.
Would I boil tap water that I left sitting outside for 2-6+ hours with bags from a 3rd world nation sitting in it? Yeah, pretty sure I would.

Would I drink tap water left in a cup covered with a cloth napkin after sitting out for a week around my house without boiling it? Sure.

I'm not a health freak/germaphobe in any sense of the word. I also don't actively pursue making 200 gallons of my yearly diet significantly less healthy.

Festered tea doesn't sound nearly as appeasing as brewed tea.
haha, i drink festered tea:lol:
i like your idea che, when i make sweet tea it doesnt last long enough and im the only one to drink it
I can't drink it. It keeps me up at night. I guess I'm the delicate one. I too used to drink festered tea.
I'm a decaff kinda guy. Same (or acquired) taste, and doesn't have the issues with caffeine, making it closer to flavored water.
My hats off to you Carl for the heads up....will I give up my sun brew? I'll let you know after I drink just one more glass..dang thats good tea