I just saw Old Monkey!


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Mar 6, 2005
On the NBC nightly news. He was going to a Barack Obama thing. I took one look and said WTF??? He was wearing that crazy looking hat. Ha, I can't believe it! It's a small world!

I wasn't gonna believe it was Darin until I was sure, and sure enough I PM'ed him and he said "Yeah, he went to that rally."
cool, good for him flexing his political muscle!
Can't complain if you dont vote! :)
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I guarantee you it will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning. It's only an hour show on sunday and they mostly repeat the latest news.

They showed his smiling mug for about 2 seconds, it was enough for me to recognize that gnarly mug! :lol:
How fun is that!! I read the thread over at AS, it sounded like an awsome experience. OM, I won't post there any more, but that was a nice read. Get a babysitter for Tuesday so you can participate!
He posted over at AS? Why doesn't he come over here and tell the story? He hasn't posted in a week.
I didn't know that. Thor is active over there too, but not here.

Not good.........
I dont have an opinion 'cause I have not talked with either one lately.

The TreeHouse is fine for me. Whenever I have a problem, I work it out on the forums. AND it gets worked out.

Folks need to understand that the forums do not define who we are, just that they are a place to share stuff and visit and contribute and learn new stuff.

I enjoy the TreeHouse more than the other forums. I also believe that it is a hell of a lot of work to maintain a forum. Butch, ( or me) is not a professional web site manager/therapist/politically correct/ professional referree, etc etc etc.
So for me, I understand that some things I might not agree with, but there is a hell of a lot I DO agree with.
For me, this web site is fine, and if it is not, I understand clearly that Butch will at least listen to my complaints.

WTH more could you ask for?
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Egg in your beer?

I had to ask the old man who first told me that "WTF?"
I am sure he will be banned from the other tree sites soon. If not he will have to do alot of brown nosing to say what he thinks without ever mentioning the TH for if he metions it. WHamm! BANNED!
I never will read the AS again much less post to it.
You like to post about it. :drink:

What do YOU think?

Just wondering if the recent loss of long time users is being noticed. If I was in charge, I'd wonder what was changing to make them leave. After all, at one point they thought enough of the TH to make this a frequent stop in their online lives. So now that they're leaving, is the cause worth it?
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So what is this "cause" you speak of?

And have you forgotten all the different members that have disappeared over the last three years?

Members come and members go, there's not a lot I can do about it. Personally, I miss Woodworkingboy, Jennes, and Joe the most.
What I like about the Tree house is that you can go away for a while and come back, we all have busy lives. The tree house has never held that against me.
i miss the monkey. actually went over to AS after it was mentioned he was there just to see his posts:)
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I miss nearly every member that has gone MIA.

I've never seen one quit to go to AS, though.
Is it the allure of Big money for their writing skills that has drawn OM and Thor away from the TreeHouse?
I miss nearly every member that has gone MIA.

I've never seen one quit to go to AS, though.

Now you have, right? That's where OM and Thor are.

I don't know the cause. I didn't know that OM wasn't happy here. I only know that it seems that the TH has lost a lot of regular users in the recent month or so.

If it's not a big deal, then fine. Just something I'd noticed.