I Just Deleted...


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Mar 6, 2005
All users that have not logged in in 180 days and all the zero posters.

I like the TreeHouse stats to be accurate.

Any thoughts? I mean, anyone of them can simply reregister.
Personally, I think you should leave the members with over a few hundred (or whatever) posts over a period of time....even if they are gone for a few months. Who knows, Joe may stop back in. :)
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And he can reregister in two minutes. Besides, someone as far back as Joe lost his posts in the forum changes.
Sounds fine to me. I guess Yin and Jennes were both gone before the forum swap, yes?
Sure glad i checked back in... was just busy as heck!
You dident sent me a bill, then ill click on it and your instantly paid, i ordered two remember?
Arr, it was ages ago when they first came out... we will try again.
There will be no de-rail:evil:


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Well, you're not a zero poster and you log in at least once every six months... I think you're safe. :beer:

I don't think I'm being unreasonable.
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I dare any other tree forum to do that. Hell, I'll doubledare them!

I care not for falsely inflated stats.

Where'd you get that embroidered shirt, Frans?
Cool, Owl talk!

Hows these two, just take a hint and leave, but they wouldent:?


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