how to cable

Ummm :what: , you're messing with me aren't ya?

I know that wasn't you doing that Willie, what are you doing fixing it?
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busted:D thats a mess huh? they had a lead split last febuary and another local company did a "quarter round" pruning on it and installed this "system" below the halfway mark. the owner had 1 bolt break already and knew it didnt look right. we just came and installed a cobra with out the shock absorber and a 3/4" bolt through the split. the rest of it i left alone as the old guy would go broke trying to support every bad union in a modesto ash. specially after paying for the job once already
I forget what the standards say, but I only use lags on smallish limbs. If its over 12" diameter I would recommend thru bolts. Not to mention lags are a pin to put in, Id rather drill all the way thru and push the hardware in instead of threading it in.

I also like how they put several cables on each termination.
It's comparable to some of our local work done on city property even, I'll try and remember to grab a pic or two one of these days of the rats nest down by the library.
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in the second to last picture they wrapped the tail coming from 1 bolt 10 or so times around itself so they could redirect off to another tail and clamped them together! also one of the lags was the male part of a gate hinge :roll:
Forgive my ignorant question, but whats the idea of the cabeling system?

I have an idea how they work... but nothing based on facts, just my own speculation.
There are two main kinds of cabling, stiff metal cables and springy elastic cables. The metal cables give extra support for weak unions but do not allow the tree to flex in the wind. Newer cabling systems are more elastic and give support while allowing for motion.
We can not use cobra Its Ibolts preformed wraps and EHS cable. I think cobra looks like a big snake.
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why not? i use both depending on the tree and situation
are you kidding its like 200 acres in nc they test lightning systens ,cables ,firt ,sprays and other classified stuf (tree geeks) who do you work for and wheres your lab?hummmm?
Neat! I wasn't aware that Bartlett had that kind of facility. I thought they were just another line clearance company.