Heat Wave


Sep 2, 2006
in the nineties here already.......seems a bit early to "sweat like a whore in church"......dang.
is it NOT considered a heat wave when it is above 90 for a set period of time?

the index was 98 here

point the fans NORTH to ELY MN
Start early, do what you can do and then quit early. I carry a cooler with bottles of water that I make available to anyone working on the jobsite. It costs $5-$7 per week but everyone always has water to drink, and I've gotten several crews into the habit of bringing extra water to work every day. Some of those idiots would show up with nothing, expecting to run to the 7-11 when they were thirsty!
We are stuck in the seventies range with occasional thunder showers. I think we were in the 90s last year at this time.
Been raining for two weeks solid in Bozeman Montana. High desert area.
I provided water only to prevent dehydration.
Soaked three shirts today... I mean soaked till they dripped like I'd just been swimming... went to lunch looking like I'd pissed myself. 97° and high humidity.

Give me 20° and dry any day.
I think it's crazy. Do you pack a lunch for them too?

Not to worry Butch. With the money Brian makes, he can afford to give away a few bottles of water. :P Good on you Brian, I'm sure those guys appreciate it. :beerchug:
The problem with that is then they expect you to always keep them in water. Soon, you'll look down and see them going through your cooler looking for "their water."
I have no mercy for a fool that goes off half cocked expecting other people to take care of them.

It takes me 10 minutes every morning getting my water ready, making my ice cubes and packing it out to the truck. It's a royal PITA but I do it because I know I need it.
Currently 52 degrees here... hasn't broke sixty in nearly a week... :(

I'm ready for some of that "global warming" we've been hearing about...

Wet, cold, windy and no relief in sight.

It was hot today, but there was a good breeze blowing. That makes ALL the difference! I made it through another day - no heat headache or cramping or anything! Sweet!
Hey Butch; on the water thing, it isn't a big deal and none of the guys I work with expect me to supply water. I usually end up passing them out when I stop to take a break, and about once a week somebody ends up bringing me a 6 or 12 pack of water to 'restock'.

In the past I've worked with selfish jerks that would raid my cooler first thing in the morning and take my biggest chunk of ice and put it in his personal cup. About the 4th day of that and I fixed him. :evil: Let's just say that he had a 'flavored' drink that day.

Today I was hot and dry the entire day, hardly sweated at all. In Florida if you aren't sweating then you're dehydrated. I drank 4-5 bottles of water today but I guess it wasn't enough. I'll hydrate extra tonight because tomorrow is going to be another hot one.
awesome weather. needed a coat for not working. climbed 2 big trees and never broke a sweat
It's odd - I used to get cramps in both feet, but nowadays the crushed foot is immune - go figure.
Even odder, the foot cramp is mostly in the big toe, and when it cramps it abbducts away from the other toe and it hurts like hell, but I discovered I can tape my toes together and that stops it.
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hammer toe?.......buddy tape is good
It was hot here as well, Saturday cracking 101 temp heat index in the 110 to 120 range. Not this early Do I remember being that worked over by 3. The shade was still sauna like. Oh well get used to it ain't getting anybetter till late october.

Under armor shirts is all I have to say, soaked while working, 10 minutes later dry as can be.