Headed For a Breakdown...


Headache !
Aug 12, 2006
I'm on my 3rd p.c. this year. This last one is a loaner from the p.c. fix-it guys, and is headed for a break down. I can feel it. Justdammitman.
Is it just ME or are pc's getting more & more difficult to keep virus-free ???!!!???
I'm on my 3rd p.c. this year. This last one is a loner from the p.c. fix-it guys, and is headed for a break down. I can feel it. Justdammitman.
Is it just ME or are pc's getting more & more difficult to keep virus-free ???!!!???

Next to imposible!!!! Get Avast, zonealarm and ccleaner, all free. They will slow you down, but seem to work very well for me!
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Not 'Ad-Aware' ??? That seems to be the best freebie going, but I am admittedly archaic when it comes to techno shat.
I've run it, even bought it, I even ran spysweeper, these have been the best for me.
I know others have had different experiances though. It depends on what you're system will run with!!
AdAware is good, but it won't protect you from a virus. You need a firewall, like ZoneAlarm, then a app like AVG to remove a virus.
It must be you. I'm on my third computer in 8 years. My first lasted 3 years and became unusable due to various components locking up, most likely due to viruses. Second went 5 years and has never had a virus. My third is only a month old and is also virus free, unless you want to count Windows Vista.
Damn thing is ALWAYS whirring, downloading or computing. When I fire it up, it's a solid 5 minutes before the damn thing quiets down so I can surf at normal speeds. I'm almost ready to shitcan it and go back to my old computer with XP.

Sorry for the sidetrack. What firewall are you running? Make sure it is up to date and run a full scan. Then set it to run a full scan at least once per week. You can schedule it to run at 3am or something when you're not using it.

Go to www.lavasoft.com and download the free version of Ad-Aware. Update it and then run a full scan.

If you're running different user profiles on your computer then you may need to scan each profile, I'm not exactly sure how that works.
I don't get how a virus screws up a computer? If your pc has a virus that can't be removed, then reformat the harddrive and do a clean install of the operating system.
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I have tried to do a disk clean-up... a regular maint. thang ... & the p.c. won't do it ??? This is in the last 3 days. My p.c. grinds.
My niece is a frequent flyer on this pc & "my space" is her haunt. I feel like it has something to do with that ?
The 'disc cleanup' has nothing to do with virus protection. That's only to clean up old temp. files and that sort of stuff.

Again, what antivirus are you running? If the answer is 'none' or 'I don't know' then your problem is that your operating system is corrupt and you need to be shown how to purchase and install a firewall/ antivirus program after you reformat your computer.
Skwerl;181714...Damn thing is ALWAYS whirring said:
We ordered another laptop (3 now, oldest is 5-6 years old, all get used daily) with Vista about 3 months ago, we recieved another desktop that came in the week before I left for CT that we ordered without Vista.

I'm not a Vista fan.
Vista doesn't have all the bugs werked out yet. Kinda like an old adage of not buying a DOS version ending in Zer0.(which 5.0 broke the mold). i remember XP was same way, of curse ME was always like that unless machine was made for it.

See if your isp offers something free. Also, remember heat is the enemy too. Don't block vents; make sure fans can turn freely, and occasionally open box up and use one of those sprays that don't leave oils to clean insulating blanket of dust out. Then, put box back together the way it was designed, so that ventilation draws thru correctly and cools the components the draft was designed to hit.
I hear you on the keep cool thing Spidey. I have the stock 5 inch rear exhaust fan, the fan and heat sink on the main chip, a little fan on the video card chip and I put an extra 3.5 inch fan at the front mount on the tower pushing air in to the tower. its a bit louder than the single stock fan setup but my temp is never an issue.
I buy the 'air in a can' at Costco, 3 for about 10 or 12 bucks. Works well. also good at getting crumbs out of the keyboard :shifty:
I left my laptop computer working online one night, went to bed, got up in the morning and found I got a drive by infection. It's never worked right since. Adware, spyware, popups and the whole nine yards. Got a wiz kid to clean up most of the problems, but not all. It sucks