Happy Mother's Day!


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Mar 6, 2005
I hope all ya'll Mother types have a good day today!

I miss my Momma. I used to take her for a great steak lunch and then we'd have a 'lil shopping spree, just for her.

All ya'll hug your Mothers extra hard today and be glad that you can do it!

I love ya, Mom! I'll see you again someday I hope! :rockon:
I sent my mom $20 in crisp $1 bills for the slots at Mystic Lake. I asked the bank teller to only pick out lucky ones. Hope she did.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. Take it easy today....you have 364 days to catch up on what doesn't get done so don't sweat it.
took my ma out to breakfast this am, after church we went out with my wifes mother. i feel bloated! got my wife an appointment to get her feet done up the way girls like
happy moms day!
My boy ( :shifty:) bought his momma a couple nice cooing books and a supernanny book she asked for, then signed his card witha jiffy marker, damn surprising since he is only 11 weeks old, to the day! :D

we went to visit my ma and pa and had a nice lunch and few hours visit. My wife went to her parents place yesterday out of town with the boy whilest I worked at the garden shop.

Moms rule :)
My Mom, age 94, my sis, age 67. Friday was her birthday.

.....and a wrinked old coot....

under an awesome silver maple (or is it 10 of em?!!) on the banks of the Snake River in the picturesque little town of Asotin, a few miles from Clarkston, Wa.
your mother was probably thinking "when will that boy grow up?" haha. great shot rb
fixed it, musta screwed it up when I edited the post....

My sis may live in Southern Cali, but she doesn't need plastic surgery to look that good at 67. She's just into super clean livin'.....