Happy Father's Day

hey, its my first, thanks V! Going up to see my wifes parents today, nice weather here too. :D

ha, little bub just brought me a card and present. :D HE got me an ice cream maker!! too cool!
Thanks Gigi. The kid and I are headed into the mountains today to explore Idaho and scout out some camping spots for later in the summer.
I pick the girls up in about 2 hours and we are going to hang out at the mall. Daughter's.. sheesh ;) :lol:

Then we are gonna have a Dad's day dinner together at Red Robin. :)

Alex is at the fire station today so I get to keep Hayden all day...we went to Cracker Barrel for b'fast but it was WAY too crowded...came back home and I cooked bacon and eggs. He had fun using his apple sauce to cover his sipper cup so that it looked like a volcano while I wasn't looking.

Then we played with Play-Doh, laid on the bean bag and watched Little Einsteins on Disney. Then I read him "Curious George and the Dump Truck" and he let me rock him to sleep.

It's a great day so far....

THanks, V.
Thanks for the warm wishes. I'm looking forward to indulging in my favorite dessert, carrot cake. :thumbup: :thumbup:
I bought myself some Boston Cream Pie yesterday for today.:P

The in-laws and my family hung out at a park. It was nice.

Get this. I brought a first aid kit, just as a joke. (After all, I've got 3 boys). Tyler, the middle child, comes up to me with a pretty good gusher from his index finger. He cut himself on a huge blade of grass! (Yep, just like a paper cut from hell). So, I fixed 'em up and he was on his way.8)

I then had my dessert. Loved every bite, but I think the sugar is gonna make me sick.:barf:
Happy Fathers Day to me.


to replace the one that got stolen last fall.

Oh yeah, happy fathers day to the rest of ya too.
Kinda sad here, I lost my dad a few months ago. Kinda been thinkin about him all day. I gots me 2 great boys and wonderful wife though.
Sorry Robert. You're the senior member of the family now. My Dad says that he really enjoyed the TCC I took him to yesterday. I'm glad I did it.
Been a while since this thread saw any action...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you dads! My seven-year-old gave me a little something while ago.....

That's a real treasure! My kids are in their 40's now and I still have a box full of stuff they made for me over the years. Those little gifts bring joy to your heart forever.
Happy Father's Day to all!
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Happy Father's Day to all you great dads out there! John is playing the Fathers Day trump card and sleeping in!!
Nice, Scott! My family is playing my trump card and they are sleeping in. I on the other hand need to go to the feed store:) I'm sorta backwards!
Happy Fathers day :) I love stuff my kids give me.. That is awesome Scott.
I am kind of backwards as well Willie, kids were trying to let me sleep in and the lack of noise woke me up :lol:
I can't forget to wish Happy Father's Day to those specail guys who have stepped up and encouraged, mentored, helped or otherwise invested time in children that weren't thier own.

Guys like you have done a father's work not because you had to but because you wanted to. It was men like you who help young bucks like me turn out halfway decent. :/:

I salute you and thank God for men like you every day!