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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
Since I put F550 rear leaf springs on my F350, I gained a lot more weight capacity. With the leafs I also gained about a 3" rear lift. Loading logs with the mini grapple seems somewhat of a challenge lately. I was thinking with a grapple bucket/rake, I can gain more lifting capacity, plus the extra height loading.

Anyone have any feedback on the grapple bucket/rake?

Can get one shipped for under a grand.


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I haven't used one with the mini but I'm sure it'd be kick ass. Under a grand shipped seems like a hell of a deal to me.

What's it weigh?
WOW!! For a grand shipped I can't see how you can go wrong! There's about that much steel there!
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Don't forget it's mini! It's 27" wide, he has a 38" version, not sure how much an extra 5.5" on each side is gonna help much...for almost and extra $300.

I think a grand is fair, between steel and time.
This is what I have on my bobcat 99% of the time. Works for brush and you can still carry stump grindings without changing attachments. Mine is 44 inch's wide.


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I would definately go for a bucket grapple like Dave's instead of a open rake like the one shown.

I've been pondering making the Thomas dirt bucket into grab bucket.
I have a grapple rake and to be honest it sits in the garage. I have used it once this year. Mine may be a little bit heavier, I'd have to check, but it seems like it really decreases the lifting capacity as opposed to having the forks on the mini.

It is great for grabbing large piles of brush in open areas I will give it that.
ive got the grapple rake. i use it for everyting as i dont have a bmg. i do have to switch out for the smooth bucket for chips. not that hard or time consuming. Ive thought about having a plate welded to the bottom but not sure i want to. sometimes its nice being able to see throught the tines. mine is 42" wide.
Gotta spring for a BMG, you'll rarely to never feed a chipper by hand again. No more dragging brush.
Anyone have any feedback on the grapple bucket/rake?

I have no idea how well it would work, but it's worth a try. Shoot, my forks were $700! So, I think $1,000 for the brush grapple is worth it.
I have that exact bucket. I bought the 27 inch wide model. To buy the 38 incher would defeat my purpose of being able to squeeze through tight spots with the Prowler which I sold so no longer have it. I still have the grapple bucket, but something like Dave has is better. This bucket is not a bypass type, so the jaws cannot squeeze something small like a 8 inch log. They work great to push and grab big piles in an open area. Overall, the BMG is superior. The only drawback is the BMG is a lot heavier and further out so you lose lifting capacity. Like tnttree said, you don't need the wider bucket which will also be heavier. 27 inch wide is plenty to grab something with. I bought mine when the price was $100 cheaper (last year).
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What did you find that you use most of the time, the BMG or the grapple rake? I don't like the fact that it cant grab tight on a 8" log.
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That fact alone changed my mind on it. With it being not be able to bypass I can see aggravation in certain situations. It can wait. I paid off 2 big loans recently so I wanted to get one more item for the business this year. It was either the grapple or re-do the bed on the truck. More advantages to me with the bed on the truck, so the grapple rake can wait.
I use the BMG far more. I really had bought the grapple bucket to clean up construction debris, which a regular bucket or the BMG does not do very well. Still, the fact that it cannot squeeze smaller stuff handicaps it. I think that can be remedied fairly easily. It is raining outside right now, but later on I'll go take a picture with the jaws shut and put a tape on the gap. Looking at it yesterday, I think you wouldn't be able to squeeze a 12 inch log tight. Like I said, I think that could be fixed pretty easily.
Here are some photos. The space is far worse that I thought. I did not have logs lying around the house so I grabbed an empty 5 gal. bucket and I can stick it in the grapple with space all around it. The gap is actually 15 inches! It has to be a pretty big log for you to squeeze it. Brush piles are not as hard to grab, but for moving logs and brush, the BMG is far better.

I think something like tnttree's Beak would be pretty good for moving logs and brush.

The way I figured to fix the grapple bucket is to just cut out the supports between the tines where the grapple stops and I would weld a plate under all of the tines from the back to just a little pass where the ends. May need to put a longer hyd. cylinder on it as well. That way should give you some bypass action and enable you to squeeze smaller diameter stuff.


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Wow, thats pretty sucky. I figured you where thinking cutting out those supports and just moving them backwards. The problem like you said, would be you might need a longer cylinder but that is going to impede your opening capacity then.

Thanks alot for the pics, appreciate you taking the time.
Wesley, couldn't you just cut the ends off the grapple, shortening it so it closes tighter? Maybe a combination of both methods even.

I have to admit, they sure look suckier in the picture than I imagined. Talk about a piss poor design! The good news is that with a torch and welder you could buy the setup and then use it for parts to redesign and build your own grapple bucket.
On second thought, it looks as if it's just too tall. Shortening down the back plate about 3"-4" would give you a tighter grip and still allow the same opening width. That would involve a bit of cutting and welding though.