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Easier when cut and pasted. This guy has been around for awhile and has received attention from TB folks:

A NEW fact page the way I see it. Now with explanations

This is not intended to offend anyone, but there are some things that people shopping for tree services must keep in mind.

Who do you think foots the bill for the other tree services new equipment? They conveniently pass the additional expenses to the customer. We don't think this is fair to you; we can do the job without unnecessary expenses. What I mean by this is they (the owners) go out and buy the biggest equipment available and 95% of the tree jobs won't call for half the size of the equipment. most are just trying to top the competition with what they have.
I was wrong about the bigger companies offering lower prices. I have had people call me for estimates and have found that the bigger companies are asking really ridiculous prices these days.
Don't be fooled by a smooth line, a great smile, and a charming personality. Some people doing tree work have no clue what they're doing. Others will take you for a ride, charging ridiculous prices while maintaining an overly cocky attitude. (ever talked to a used car salesman?)
Some will tell you that they're so busy that they just don't know when they can do the work. Well why would they be giving estimates if they have enough work?
Spikes do not hurt your tree if you have the right kind and someone who knows how to use them. Whoever invented bucket trucks probably started the rumor that spikes hurt your trees so they could eliminate the little man because they (the tree services that bought the trucks) had to make a killing (alot of money) in order to pay for the equipment. There is a big difference in tree spikes and pole spikes. those who use pole spikes usually scar the heck out of the trees, I'll be honest I have yet to see a tree die from being spiked the tree usually takes care of itself.
The companies that say don't spike also say don't top a tree. Well why do they cut limbs off trees? That would have the same effect on a tree as topping and honestly they still top trees they just call it pruning/crown reduction and take a little off the top. Then it grows back quickly and has to be topped uh I mean (pruned) sooner (wink wink).
One last thing. I have had some people coming to this website looking for a how to do it page, tree trim/cuts and removals. Sorry, but I suggest you not do it yourself.
Now that you are enlightened about tree services, I hope you make the enlightened choice.
Yup, Harold McPeak is legend on all the internet forums. I remember everybody making a big deal about him 7-8 years ago in the early days of ArboristSite (back when it was a fun tree forum).
McPeak's fame goes back to the original ISA arbo discussion forum in the mid-90s.
Sounds like an unintelligent hack to me. Shame there are people who spew this filth out there.
I'd figured he'd dropped a tree on himself by now. He still around?

Duh... ALL businesses pass their expense on to the customer. Isn't that sort of the point?

Duh... Pole spikes are SHORTER, so wouldn't they do LESS damage?

Silly me... I like having BIG EQUIPMENT. ;P