get your drink on

Looks like some nice gear. 4 bubba kegs and:|::|::|: If the old irsh flu comes on you can tell everyone not to drink the water:lol:
I like the look of that stuff. Performance report will be expected after use in the DR. What one did you get?
I have a big stein from Heineken, works great if you stick it in the freezer for a half hour with a swish from the faucet on it, gets the little icicles and frost when you pull it out. :D

Maybe you find something here Boss?

Mine looks like this without the name Daniel inscribed :|:
ah. do they make heavy Collins type glasses? I have always thought they were the thin ones...
I used a big one for water on the truck for a while but the top was kinda funky so I replaced it with an igloo.
camel back for me when I'm in the tree and right out of the big 5 gallon cooler when I'm on the ground. If you do fill the camel back with beer. It taines the lines and you'll taste beer for a few days to weeks. Something you don't want to smell like at work. Its also a good pad for when you fall down on your back. You don't even really need much cordination to drink from them either. :lol::lol::lol:
To me A CamelBack is a container full of ice water that gets warmer with every minute. I GOTTA have my water ICE COLD everytime.
If you freeze it with 3/4rds water the night before come 10 or 11 its ready to go with ice cold water plus it keeps your back cold the entire day. Its a mini air conditioner on your back till about noon or 1 then yuo can add more water to get more ice water out of it.
I rarely wear mine while climbing, in competitions (not tree related) I'll have 2 in my Eberlestock. The pack keeps them cooler and one bladder is insulated, combined capacity of 5 quarts. Both have large/huge openings to fill with ice, works for me :)
Trick used by a lot of campers is to boil water in them for heat in the sleeping bag, very bad to drink same water later.......

I don't think I'm against pouring boiling water into them (I wouldn't drink it later though).

I was referring to actually boiling the water in the bottle on a stove or fire.
Now THAT'S an idea I could get behind! Perhaps I'll try freezing it solid for just that purpose.

The hose does freeze but it turns right back into water in an hour ro so easy. I have a camel back that is kind of a mini backpack. Maybe if you try one of the smaller ones say from sherrill it might give you a better effect. Just imagine a brick of ice on your back for the first half of the day.