Load securement for on road transport

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update, cut 2 of my 20ft chains down to (4)x10ft, hook on one end
still have my usual (3)x20ft for logs
2 snap binders for logs and 5 ratchets for the machine

cross chaining, the rear of the machine (front in trailer) to track frames, front of machine (rear in trailer) is cross chained to the blade, over 3 pieces of 4x4 stacked, bucket sat on the 4x4's and the blade, then a 20ft chain across the bucket down to the D rings in the back of the trailer

I found out if I don't set the bucket on something besides just the blade itll drift down into the trailer doors, sitting on the wood it cant do that
wont be able to easily load with my new grapple attachment but its super easy to put on so im planning to just take it off and set it in the bed of the truck and transport the machine with the bucket installed, only advantage the grapple has is rotation, but I prefer thumb and bucket for moving lots of wood in a hurry

ive also figured out when loading, line up on the ramps and aim to run my left track half way over the passenger rear D ring, once ive got the rear 2 idler rollers over the edge of the trailer I push the bucket down to level out and hold it in place while I track backwards till all 4 idlers are on deck, then pick bucket up and offset boom all the way right so im not under it while doing chains, there is a crossmember in the trailer that lines up exactly where the blade has to sit and you can see where the deck is creased over it, so I can set the blade right down on it and have about 1/2-3/4" clearance between the dogbone on the stick and the trailer doors once its chained down