Gear you cant live without !!

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Do any of you have an item that you take with you everyday? Or maybe it's something that is just handy & always around. Post a pic & tell me about here.

I will start with my Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack. It leaves with me everyday. I pack 1st Aid, my license, cell ph. bizz cards,rainwear etc.


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Here it is loaded


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Hey, we need at least a pic with a story of why?
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You pack a stove with you everyday Jeff?

No :roll:. I was just trying to show the volume & the amount of stuff you can stuff in it.

{EDIT} Every thing in this pic does not leave with me daily. Just showing what all can fit in this pack


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The only thing I bring with me every day is a cooler with water bottles and a couple diet Cokes. Everything else stays on the truck. But if you count what's on the truck, I bring all my gear with me every day.
A lighter and some smokes.

I bet I could make it at least 4 days of mellow wilderness/ or work climb with some clothes and a pack of cigs.
No :roll:.

Alright then :roll: :P

I keep all my stuff in the big black duffles that I got from Wesspur, that way I can easily load/unload the truck and bring stuff in to dryout or just to piss off my wife.:D


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I just read your post to my wife Justin, she nodded and said it sounds familiar. :D

I pack a briefcase with a bunch of stuff in it, and my handsaw, Felcos, pocketknife, cell phone, stereo faceplate, keys..... the usual boring stuff.
My helmet, and my camelback. I never go anywhere without a book.

That looks almost exactly like my set up, right down to that cool rope bag you have.;)! Whats that black bucket for?

The tool I have the most use for is a Hayuchi Pole Saw(silky) and my Husky 338xpt.

i'll see your reaching, cutting, slapping, back scratching handsaw MB; but also have to raise ya a t'row line...

Now, that is besides safety stuff of Bug Eyes, Caboflex ear plugs and brain bucket; the saw and pee line are my most oft used tools.
Whats that black bucket for?


I'm using it to store throwline it's an expirement still, and then I've got those little bags if I'm taking some aloft.

Your rope bags rule and when they hit production again I'll certainly be buying some more. I woulda had a couple of rope bag pics for your compilation but they were lost when my compute crashed.
Pix of my Silky & Felco pruners forthcoming.
They've made me thousands & thousands.
I'm a leatherman guy also. I forgot it one day last week and felt naked the whole time. I can fix just about anything with it, and if it can't be fixed then I can utterly destroy it!
uniforms I feel naked w/o then (funny funny) head gear and my debet card