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I have thought for awhile that it would be helpfull to have a web site that gave reviews on climbing gear.

Kind of like or something like that.

Well the other day I checked out the Bailey's on line catalog and they have this feature!

Check it out. I think it is a very helpfull feature.
Hey, Is that the site with a review of the Treeflex saddle by some goober names Fronds Schmit?:P
FWIW, (a recreational climbing site) has recently majorly overhauled their website and has added a gear review section. You might have to be a member to see it though...I'm not sure.

It is a good idea, though. A great gear reviewer would be a time saver for experience people, and a huge money saver to newbies.

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isnt this where forums come in to play?

Not really Steve. You see with a forum, it is a discussion group. With a review site you just have peoples stated opinions/experiences using a paticular type of equipment. No back and forth discussion.
Also the forums can derail into conversations that have nothing to do with the topic.
Also forum titles rarely state clearly just what exactly is being talked about.

A gear review site is much easier to navigate, for someone who just wants to know about a paticular piece of gear and make a purchase.
Get it?
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isnt this where forums come in to play?

I do think forums are one of the very best ways to keep up with whats going on in the industry. The only other way to know what other professionals are up to is to go to shows or comps.
Without forums it is very hard to learn anything new. I think forums and gear reviews are very important if not essential tools for a professional.

Have you checked out Storricks site?:
The forums I think are the BEST way to get the far. With the forums, however, almost every piece of gear has been talked about so far. But that doesn't mean it is easy to FIND the info. A gear review like the link frans shared has the information laid out in an easy to find way.

Also, if a newbie comes along and asks, "what kind of split tail should I get?" many of us are going to give though out responses further than, "use the search feature, newbie!"

I'm wondering...since tree climbers international already has the layout set up, would it be best to just use THEIR tool rater as THE gear review. Patty is open to adding more items up there. They WANT more items up there.