Fun game for the mechanically minded

That's very cool. Only did a few but I'll be back at it later.
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If you want help on a level, let me know. Any hints on how you did 14?

Right now I've yet get 14, 19, and 20.
Thanks Carl.

Mars was tricky but I got past it. Took a break at the "dropping ball" one!:)

Mars was simply a matter of building a platform that would hold up long enough to throw yourself off it. I took a break on the stairs, having difficulty getting the geometry right for a stair climber.
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I'm fairly certain the ones stumping me are fairly simple, to someone.

Hehe, me and Bounce must think the same, but my flinger worked with 1 fling :)
Must learn how to save the designs.
No 14 is giving me trouble too. Anyone else using a conveyor type arrangement?
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I got 14 figured out a few minutes ago, not like yours though.

Give me a sec to redo mine.
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Wanting a hint Jim, or you wanna keep trying?

I've still gotta get 19 and 20.