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Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
found a CD called: introduction to arboriculture, tree worker safety in my mailbox this morning. Apparently ISA is sending them to all members as a taster of their CD training series. Thanks ISA, I am browsing it now. :)
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ok, just went through the first bit of the CD, screen by screen narrated well. little two or three question review quiz after each topic. then at the end of the section there is a CEU quiz that has the same questions that the review quizzes were...
I got 19 out of 20 right. To be honest I only listened to the narration for the first three or so screens, after that I just hit next till I got to the next quiz. So far I would say the material covered is good, for a total greenhorn. Anyone who has common sense or has a bit of book or on the job training, would figure the quiz out pretty quick.

I wonder if the rigging or other technical type CD's are more detailed. I have the tree workers guide from ISA, this is basically the safety chapter info, maybe a bit more.

Ya gotta buy that one, Butch...

I got mine some time ago, Paul. Did the same as you...just did the part way thru, then fell asleep. I think CEU's get credited when you send the info in.