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Climbing Up
Jun 22, 2005
Here's a couple of slide shows.

The first is basically a compilation of shots from various jobs we've done in the last 6 years...mostly technical rigging.

The second has tons of artsy stuff, fall colors, etc. Some tree work, some of work we've done, some generic....not all labeled that well.

I'm finally getting a company website going, and needed to get lots of shots together, and in a usuable size, so I can choose among them for the site.

And if you go to my main site, there's a slew more photo sets.
Great action and fall color shots... is that your teal blue chip truck?
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  • #11'd ya know? In high school, i was into gymnastics a bit.....Had no problem with front flips on a trampoline, could even do one on the ground. Never could get the hang of a back flip....weird, as they're easier, you can spot your landing...

nick, the moon framed by madrona was at an effective focal length of 1096mm....Canon 300 mm f/2.8L, and 2 stacked 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, with the 1.3 factor sensor in the 1D.....
big Bogen tripod...and a stiff neck, the moon was pretty high in the sky.

I'm jealous for the Nikon D300...Nikon has finally produced some cameras that are better than the comparable in the 40D. I'd like a 40D, as though a prosumer camera, versus the full pro 1D, it is a lot smaller, yet has a good motordrive, bigger just keeps moving forward! But I also like the ability to shoot super wide angle that the full frame 5D offers....the 40D's 1.6 crop sensor means you have to buy the 10-22 mm zoom lens, which ends up at 16mm at its widest. When I'm rich, I'll be looking for one of each....yeah!

I'm thinking about a flash drive based camcorder. No moving parts makes sense for cameras, and the new Canon HD camcorder sounds mighty slick.. gotta get some type of helmet cam as well.....but cheap. I've seen a lot of great POV videos shot by sponsored riders--skiing, mt bke, etc, but they're using the expensive stand alone Oregon Scientific cam....I think you can get units for $100-200 that simply plug into you camcorder.....not sure how they work.